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I've got a question (which might help others too hence asking it publically):

What the MC's character like? Is there any kind of guideline for how we ought to make her behave/react? (Or should we try to keep our influence to a minimum)?


Anyways. Since it's extended to later this November, count me in!

Edit: a question, are any edits (that anybody made) of Refmap assets (RM 2003 edition) allowed?
Nvm, one of your links clarified that question. :P (A yes, which makes perfect sense)

Midnight Train Review

Just wanted to add that this game has inspired me in the production of some of my projects. And that's almost always a good thing!

RMN Underwater Pixel Quilt 2022

Looks great!

Now where's Jeroen_Sol at?

RMN Underwater Pixel Quilt 2022

Are D3 and E5 still free?

If you're trying to avoid repeats then I guess I could do one, but you are forewarned no one has ever accused me of being an artist.

Back in May 12, OP said this. \/

Let's first go and advertise again on the Discords.

But if we do have to do duplicates, I'm claiming D3 for my girlfriend since she also wanted a go at it!

So Maybe D3 is claimed, but it's been a while.
E5 is definitely still free though.
edit: And go ahead! We'll be the first ones to accuse you of being one then :P

Slip into Ruby - Under the Hood part 24: The final episode

Thank you for making this, I'm definitely saving each one of these for offline viewing and reviewing, As a beginner who is using Ace way after it's heyday, I'm glad that there's still comprehensive tutorials for it out there.


I would have imagined that this would have been dropped a long time ago. But I'm glad to see it updated just late last year...

RMN Underwater Pixel Quilt 2022

I decided to go ahead and make one. A filler for the 'Unclaimed' C1 tile.
Hopefully this is ok.

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