I'm a Jewish JesusFreak.
I love to Write, Develop Indie Games, & Create Art;
Someday, Lord willing, I'll finish a project.
A blackbelt



It lives!

Woot Woot!

Strangely enough, when I tried logging in, I got the 'Site Down' page at first. Though reloading this page somehow got me through?

We need to make sure to Internet Archive the whole site :P

Secret Santa 2023 ::

Aw man, I completely forgot about this, this year :(

They Walk Among Us

Haven't actually started yet...
Already can't quite decide: Should I go with my comfort engine (Ace) or try something different (2k3 or MZ or whatevs)? :P

A.I. Generation and RMN

- Is it used to enhance/change your creation as a tool, not using other unknown peoples' creations? Yes. (Think Gaussian blur or the healing tool in photoshop).
- Are you using AI generation as a way to avoid the creation process? No.

I'd guess that this would somewhat answer my question for AI tools on whether it's allowed if they're completely trained on only your own stuff or not.
edit1: (Not sure if that would be worth my time anyways, essp. with my potato pc XD)

I long for the day Liberty can make an admin decision on this site without someone calling her a tyrannical overlord lmao
Nah, I think people will always cry out for the end of Liberty :P (NO MOAR FREEDOM!)

RMN's Australian Christmas

Can't wait... But I guess I have to anyways :P

Apon the Brow of Tomorrow, Clear

Can't wait to try this out.

Kids Design the Darndest Things 3

I hope I'll have time for this, seems fun.

2022 Misao nomination monthly data

This'll be my first time seeing how the Misao works :P
I've also only been able to nominate a few that I knew from offsite, or was applicable from just looking at the page/title.

Secret Santa 2022

I've finally straggled in, finished.

Darnedest Things 3?

When it comes up in January, I want in :P
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