Remember when I actually used to make games? Me neither.
I used to be RMN's most controversial topic since sliced bread. But then I had a banhammer lodged in my kneecap.



I'm leaving. Ahyuck.

Sooo, I decided that I'd leave RMN. Permanently. Without leaving a saucer of grinded mice on the doorstep as a farewell gift.

The reason being that I haven't been making games since like 2009ish when I got a decent computer that could actually run games. Like, the ones you'd find on Steam. The one I had before could hardly run anything with 3D graphics, except maybe Doom.

The day I realized I could play decent games on my computer instead of shitty RM2K games with broken English I just slowly stopped caring about mak gam and preferred to play Fallout and Team Fortress 2 instead. For some reason though, it took me years to realize this and during this period I made many cringeworthy shitposts that still make me scream internally (Although, like, any post I've ever made on a forum before 2014 makes me want to rip my eyes out of their sockets)

Sooo, yeah, I'm leaving because I don't know why am I staying here if I don't even mak gam. I'm changing my password to some random gibberish in case I come back and forget that I was supposed to be gone.


The Mess-up A Wish Foundation

Granted, but as you try to plug in the USB, you realize that the printer only has a parallel port, even though those are old and obsolete as fuck.

You contemplate suicide by hanging yourself with the useless printer cable.

I wish I knew how to make good pancakes.

[Poll] Your favorite RPG Setting

I prefer me some cyberpunk and post-apocalypse, something like the first two Fallout games.

What are you thinking about right now?

I want to get back into mak gam scene but I can't really take myself seriously anymore after the cringeworthy shitposts I've made here.

Post an insane lie about the person above you

The triangle on pianotm's weird mushroom hat is not a part of the Triforce, it's the ILLUMINATI.


What are you thinking about right now?

I once bought a can of Pearona at Mauritius. It was supposed to be some sort of pear-flavored soda, but it tasted pretty artificial.

Sooo... GamerGate

Oh. Well then.

I still have only two thirds of an idea of what the fuck is going on so I'm not going to pick any sides. Both sides sound just about equally despisable more or less anyway.

seriously though video game journalism has been a joke for several years now, even before gamergate. don't need no kotaku if you got totalbiscuit

What's the stupidest/silliest thing you've purposefully implemented in your game?

One of my unreleased projects had a weird kid that you could talk with.

If you talked to the kid, he would ask if you want to play Cops and Robbrs with him. If you say yes, the main character will obviously play a game of Cops and Robbers with the kid. Nothing special, except until the main character points his finger at the kid and says loudly POW.

The kid suddenly looks shocked, clutches his chest, looks slowly down and falls over. The main character says "Alright, that was fun, you can get up now" until he notices that the kid's bleeding from where the guy "shot" him. The kid's not breathing, either.

The main character runs away.

Sooo... GamerGate

I'm not sure if I still get it what the fuck is going on.

So, GamerGate started when some indie developer broad had sex with several videogame journalists so her game would get positive attention but her ex-boyfriend found out what she did and posted about it on the Internets, causing a huge shitstorm about the ethics of journalism.

Then the pooper-peeved journalists decided it would be a good idea to blame the audience themselves, calling them misogynists and whatnot (because we're totally dissing Zoe Quinn for having sex, not because she bribed journalists, amirite?)

That backfired, so in a ridiculous and a pathetic last ditch attempt to make themselves look redeemable, they published like a gazillion articles explaining how "the Gamer identity" and "Gamer culture" are dead, which means that gamers can no longer criticize journalists because gamers as an identity have ceased to exist like a fart in the Saharas.

Several fellows like JonTron and Anita Sarkeesian got also involved somehow. JonTron caused a shitstorm by using the word "retarded" even though that's probably one of the least offensive things he has ever said, and Anita Sarkeesian is just some boring broad who apparently talks about misogynism in videogames even though she doesn't even play videogames. An armada of deranged social justice warriors got also involved, writing many quality blog entries such as "Why seeing cleavage in a videogame gave me a panic attack."

In the middle of all this, Phil Fish cancelled Fez 2 but it's not like anyone gives a shit about him and his shitty game.

Is that how it went? Correct me if I'm wrong.

nope that's not how it went

rip deadmau5