Monochrome Review

Thanks for taking your time to write a review! :D


Hello, I'm an eye on your game a while. I could translate it into Portuguese?

Sure, go ahead :)

Mysterious Room Escape

I loved it! Writing a review right now, hope it goes through.

Oh, but I thought I should tell you about a glitch. When closed up on the open grate, the graphic of the ripped apple picture is there.
Cool! :D

Thanks for telling me! I fixed it in the original game and forgot to fix in the translated version >.< I'll fix as soon as possibly..

Mysterious Room Escape Review

Thank you for the review!!

The alphabet slide puzzle is based on a real old toy of mine! I have played with it a lot, so I didn't notice how hard could it be for people who never played with it >.>

I choosed to use RMVXAce because RPG Maker it's the only engine I know how to use xD
Also, I tried to make a different game and now I understand why there isn't much RM games with mouse gameplay haha


The game now will have faces in the text box (only for main characters and the Snow Village people).
It'll be 80 faces in total!! (24 are done)

Also, this screenshot is kinda fake, the map is the first floor of the Police Department, but there's no actual events there yet.
Interesting fact! The game hero (Tim) is not mute, but it never shows when he speaks, only when he's thinking.

Copycat Review

Thanks for the review!
The quiz was actually worse in the original version haha I tried to fix it a bit when I was translating.
Looking back now, I could have done a lot more for the game.. Oh, well, I still can, but I have no intention of editing the game (maybe if I have more ideas for the story).

Thanks again!

Copycat Review

Thanks for the review!
Actually I didn't even write the story, I made up with everything it came at my mind since I was worried about the time, which was a big mistake /shot
Powerpoint slide! This made me laugh x,D

I'll keep those flaws in mind! Thanks again!

Copycat Review

Thanks for the review!!
You're right, while I was translating it I wondered what the people at the bus though about the unconcious guy! Hmm, the scenes trasitions are a thing to look at too.
So, do you think retro music would be the best to match with the graphics, huh? (Like nes or gameboy styled)

Anyway, thanks again! It's always good when someone point the flaws, since there are some I didn't notice! I can make better next time now ^0^

Copycat Review

Thank you for the feedback!!
Ohh, I surely have to keep working on my English! (Should have tried to find some English speaker tester before) >.<
I'll keep that in mind!
Also, the story and characters are way too shallow..
The true is that I used too much time at the graphics and left the story at side.

Sadly, I don't feel like editing this game anymore, I'd rather improve in the next ones ~w~

Thanks again!


Cute little game! It was really clever and I loved the use of dark colors and silly Earthbound music.

Choosing the third choice on question one freezes the game, though.


You're right! Fixed it!!
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