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Peri's assorted art

Thanks! Here's another model:

Here's a bonus little doodle I did:

Peri's assorted art

Oh hey, it's been a while since I posted. Turns out painted 3D models are an order of magnitude easier than photorealistic, like on the order of 2-3 days to make a model instead of a month. Here's some stuff I've been making lately.

Unlit with textures:

In-engine, with outline and cel shader:

I don't think we have any of lady #2... Well, whatever.

And here are some environments (3D -> 2D with some post-processing touchup):

I should do a reflection pass on this one, really...

Peri's assorted art

What do you mean? Most things about a game ultimately fall under user experience, I guess.

Peri's assorted art

Well, I said easy, but it's relative. 3D art is way harder than programming, but I guess I'm a professional software engineer, so maybe my opinion is skewed. 3D art is really hard, though. I decided I want FF13-quality graphics, and it turns out this is very nontrivial. I think designing excellent mechanics can be hard, and tbh the actual gameplay design is probably the part I'm least interested in, but I'm planning to team up with a designer.

Peri's assorted art

Possibly. I still need to finish the character model (hair is annoying and I got sidetracked), but I'm hoping to start prototyping environments soon. I should probably, uh, do gameplay too at some point. But that's the easy part! Graphics are a lot harder.

Peri's assorted art

Thanks! :)

There are six of them now:

And here's something unrelated:

Peri's assorted art

Thanks, guys! I'm glad you like them. :) Here's another one:

Peri's assorted art

I'm taking a break from modeling at the moment to work on some dungeon concepts for my game. These are pretty quick and sloppy, but I'm trying to focus more on light/space/mood than details.

Peri's assorted art

Doing hair now. Started with some FiberMesh hair in ZBrush, which is high-poly, but I think I can create a low-poly mesh from it with shenanigans.

This is just a default material in ZBrush. I'm gonna make one that will hopefully be better.

Peri's assorted art

Thanks! I might try blue at some point, I dunno. I think I'm not gonna mess with it anymore until the rest of the model is done.

Anyway, I've been working on skin and eye materials: