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[RMMV] Autoload savegame on 'Continue'

Howdy. Been searching all over for the past 2 hours to no avail, so it's time to ask.

Does anyone know a method or plugin to make it so if the player presses Continue in the title menu, the savegame in the first slot, or the newest savegame, is automatically loaded? Either one would do.

Failing that, can someone tell me how to replace the stock "Continue" command with a title menu command that would run a Common Event?

Thanks in advance.


Don't worry about it. I hacked myself a solution.

[RMMV] Game freeze on startup

Okay. So my game has this nasty habit of freezing on startup. You load the compiled EXE and get "Now Loading...", except that it's not loading anything, and it doesn't spit out any meaningful error messages.

This happens consistently for some playtesters, and at a rate of about 1 in 5 startups for me. This occurs regardless of whether the assets are encrypted or not. I've also tried turning off the most recently added plugins, as it's a new-ish problem, but no improvement.

Anybody else encounter this and solve it in the past? Is there a way I can test for the cause of this problem? It doesn't occur in playtesting from MV directly, so the inbuilt console isn't going to be of much help.

Also, compiling an EXE from the HTML5 output using an alternate method fixes this problem, but creates another; savegames are only valid for the length of any one session, being deleted the moment you close the game. The fact that the game will run without freezing at startup however, using an alternate compiler, seems to indicate that the problem is with the way MV compiles its EXEs, not with the game assets or anything like that. Don't know for sure though, which is why I'm asking...

Broken Mailbox?


I think my Mailbox is broken. It keeps flashing, telling me I have 1 message, but there's no message, when I am kind of expecting there to be one.

Could someone please send me a test message, and could an admin maybe please check to see whether or not it is broken?

Thanks... :(

[RMMV] How to execute battle commands immediately

You know how Guard always executes immediately, applying the Guard status to the user? Well, how can I make it so that happens with other commands, like Counter (for counter-attack), for instance?

What's in the Pine Box?

Yay! Humorous pun-like thread subject!

Okay, so I've got a bit of a back-catalogue of creative stuff that I've done, some of it having even found its way into the public, commercial sphere. I used to primarily do animated music videos, but I've also done CD cover art and related promotional stuff, a lot of it while I was living in Japan.

For starters though, since we're getting close to Christmas, here's one I did as a commission for underground hip-hop greats Ugly Duckling...

[RMMV] 'Timeline' plugin "ItemBookTimeline" (now available)

I wanted to include a "timeline" feature in the game I'm developing right now, and nothing quite fit the bill, so I adapted the original/stock "ItemBook" plugin, renamed it and uploaded it here to RMN.

Download page

It works the same way as ItemBook, but doesn't show item stats. Possibly useful for keeping a log of in-game progress, achievements, etc. as well as the timeline implementation I'm using it for.

All you have to do is enter the timeline/log entry or achievement name as Item name, then enter the details you want shown for that entry in Item description. These would all be "dummy" item entries that are not used within the game as useable items. Useable items should be flagged with "<book:no>" (no quotation marks) in the Notes section, just the same as for vanilla ItemBook.

Please note that one limitation is that descriptions/details are limited to two lines of text (press Enter to separate them; no word wrap), each line having a maximum length equal to game screen width - border width.

Hope someone finds this useful!

MV battle engine for close quarters fighting?

Hi. I've been looking around for a while to try and locate a custom battle system that might suit my needs, but started feeling quite lost. So I figure, who better to ask than you good people?

Here is what I'm hoping to do with my game's battles...

  • Have battlers and enemies stand close together, so they don't have to "run" too far to hit each other
  • Make it look like the battlers and enemies are hitting each other directly (not with distant magical attacks)
  • Animate everybody (in case that wasn't already clear)
  • Have a hierarchical menu of attacks & moves that gives the player the option to either just hit "attack", for example, for quick actions, or chose a specific physical attack from further down the menu tree, for slower but more strategic decisions

Does a plugin, or do plugins, exist that would allow me to do the above-mentioned?

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.


Hi folks. Nice to make your acquaintance.

I'm pretty new to RPG Maker, but have a background as a Flash animator and developer. Currently working on something in MV, and finding it quite enjoyable.

My main interests with regards to the RM community and its output are the more original-looking releases and non-standard in-game narratives. As an engine, it seems to me that RM is underrated due to the wealth of cookie-cutter games that it's historically been used to produce. So I'm hoping to check out more original stuff here, as well as hoping to produce something truly original myself.

Also... having a bit of trouble setting an avatar for myself, but maybe it's because of the browser I'm using...
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