Classic-inspired beat-em-up made in RMMV




So Should I wait to review this game?

Hey Moon!

Well, I'll be releasing a free version where you can play all the way through on Normal difficulty with the male player character, so maybe wait for that?


This was a game jam project that turned out nicely enough to develop into a finished product. Also, I have a collaborator on this with ambitions of getting into full-time gamedev, who wants a commercial release in her portfolio.

Still working on Future Ghost, and learnt a few tricks I can use for it as I was making this and MetaMyth, both game jam entries.


Thanks for the input! Good point about retirement home rooms keeping floor space open.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I just finished and submitted a project to the Meta Game Jam a couple of days back.

It's an action RPG done in RMMV, satirising the male gaze in video games, and a bunch of other incidental things. Made in two weeks, with all original graphical assets and my own original ABS, which I might use to create a longer NES Zelda-style game at some later stage.

It'd be really great if people could hop on over to and rate it. Here's the link.

Screenshots (large):

[RMMV] Autoload savegame on 'Continue'

Howdy. Been searching all over for the past 2 hours to no avail, so it's time to ask.

Does anyone know a method or plugin to make it so if the player presses Continue in the title menu, the savegame in the first slot, or the newest savegame, is automatically loaded? Either one would do.

Failing that, can someone tell me how to replace the stock "Continue" command with a title menu command that would run a Common Event?

Thanks in advance.


Don't worry about it. I hacked myself a solution.

Future Ghost - Playing records

Thanks! Tried to make it seem like a genuinely liveable space (rice cooker, etc.) and to indicate that Song is still kind of living in the past (rotary phone & record player).


Thanks! It's getting there...


Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay, Cap.

Let's just hope it's not a "dog of a year", but certainly a year full of dogs for each and every one of us! (I'm a dog person.)


Doge. U・ᴥ・U


Thanks you two! (^_^)