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Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

I have this Letter to Kokkol. Where do I go?

Just in case you haven't figured it out by now, you need to take it to Kokkol's Smithy, which is at the southern end of the desert southwest of Mysidia. The Letter to Kokkol is key to getting a unique third-tier weapon: the Lionheart sword. But unfortunately, you will also need another key item to actually make it: the Moon Rock, which is in a chest in the first part of the final dungeon: The Lucidgrove Abyss. I believe it's somewhere down the path southwest of the entrance, if memory serves correctly.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

Ah, it was probably because I had an old version of WinRAR. I downloaded and tried it with 7Zip and it worked just fine.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

I tried to download the latest version multiple times, but when I try to open the rar, it keeps saying "The archive is either in an unknown format or damaged", and it won't open. I've tried three times already. I have no idea why it's doing this, as the download seems to have completed each time.

Rescue Reidman IV

Ok, so I've been activating the events with the regular slots, but the 1 GP one in the VIP Lounge and the Blackjack and Roulette tables don't seem to activate them. I played quite a bit of Blackjack, and never activated any. Also while playing Blackjack, I saw "You have 2 or 12" repeatedly showing up incorrectly when I got my hand.

Also, the Toxic Dagger seems to exponentially increase the character's HP every time the menu opens and closes when it reaches a certain level.

Rescue Reidman IV

It's all good, I'm happy to be of help! So I've been wondering, what exactly triggers the "random Casino events"? I've tried each of the games a few times, and I got nothing. I wasn't sure how they were activated.

Rescue Reidman IV

Guess I'll report the bugs I find here. Aside from the audio issues, I've found 2 so far, and they're both from mismatched switches:

EBounding crashes the game when you try to recruit him

There was supposed to be a Dragon Badge in the Newb Plains near the chest with the Egg Blaster, but it cannot be obtained due to it being related to an old switch that now seems to be used for something else, so this badge is just automatically gone by the time you get to it. And I found another Dragon Badge just like it in the hallway to the Tomato's Insanity forum!

I was going through the database to check enemies' HP levels and whatnot, and it says that Soulvader has a 0% chance of dropping Soothsayer?!

Also, how do I Scan? Is it learned through an event, or what?

EDIT: OH DEAR GOD, WHAT HAPPENED?! I was leveling up the Seven Sword as Skulryk, and when it hit Level 3, Skulryk's Attack suddenly got truncated down to 1, and nothing increases it anymore! I don't even know how that could have happened, but I reset and did it again twice to make sure of the exact point it happened, and it was indeed when the Seven hit Level 3. And the Long Bow does the same to your HP when it hits Level 3!

finishing a game after 20 years

YES!!! You're still alive and you're still at it! This is legit the best news I've seen in a while! I've downloaded the new demo and started playing, but it seems like there was some sort of error in many of the music files. The SMRPG Forest Maze theme that plays at the very beginning is just the first of many music files that seem to be corrupt or something, as it's just a bunch of loud static. I'm not sure if that's from compressing the files or an error during download. Either way, I'm really looking forward to the finished product! Thank you for the update, and for not completely giving up, as this is a SUPER fun game to explore, and my hope for it has been renewed!

Blackmoon Prophecy 1.21

UPRC, I want to thank you once again for all your hard work and dedication to this game. You are awesome for continuing to improve this. That being said, I feel like this has managed to avoid the change for far too long. That elusive dragoon in Mount Branch who STILL mentions "Caius"! This guy is a bit TOO skilled at being overlooked...

Tips & Tricks

Teo's Hut really is just a bit northwest of Lenadia Castle, it's a tiny house. Fly north of the castle until you see a forest to the west, then go west and you should see it.

Neo Jado

I got the "Not implemented" crash bug a lot too because of mp3s. Turns out it was an audio codec that was missing for some reason. I downloaded the K-Lite Codec pack and it fixed it right up. Hope that helps!