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[RGSS3] Need help in adding a delay to a custom movement system

Hey y'all.

I'm trying to make a new control scheme for the player, one which is close to "tank controls" in RMVXAce. Essentially, the player would forward in the direction he is currently facing by pressing the "UP" key, while the left, right, and down keys are to turn the player at a 90-degree angle.

The script I made for it "works", but I'm running into a problem. Pressing the "turning" keys turns the player way too fast, making it look like he's spinning uncontrollably. It makes getting the player to face the right direction very cumbersome, as well, due to how sensitive the controls are.

So, I'm wondering how I could add a bit of a delay to each individual 90-degree turn to slow down the spinning? I tried using some wait commands but they don't seem to do anything. Any help would be appreciated!

Here is the script in question. The "wait_count" stuff doesn't seem to add much to this script, so I'm kind of stumped right now. I'm new to RGSS scripting, you see. :(

# ■ Tank Movement
class Game_Player < Game_Character

# ● Move By Input
def move_by_input
return unless movable?
return if $game_map.interpreter.running?
case Input.dir4
when 2
@wait_count = 60 if Input.repeat?(:DOWN)
when 4
@wait_count = 60 if Input.repeat?(:LEFT)
when 6
@wait_count = 60 if Input.repeat?(:RIGHT)
when 8


$crap_movement = true

Pokemon RMN Version Gym Leader & E4 Discussion/Poll

Good evening/morning/noon, everyone! As you may or may not already know, the Pokemon RMN Version Event has wrapped up two days ago, and we've got a solid roster of user-made Pokemon!

... BUUUUUT That's only half the battle to making a Pokemon fan game. If you haven't been following discussions going on in the event page, we are currently determining how to structure our gym leaders, in an epic battle between sticking to tradition and coming up with more creative options.

This is where you, a member of the RMN community, can come in! Below are links to five polls related to Pokemon RMN's gym leaders. Keep in mind, you are free to pitch in your own ideas as well as to what is listed, which is why the "Other" option exist in some of these.

What Pokemon type should the first Gym Leader use?
By "first gym leader" I mean the first gym the player will encounter in the game. Basically, I am torn between choosing a Normal type gym or something similar to the first gym of Pokemon Black and White, where the leader you face and the type of Pokemon you fight against depend on the starter Pokemon you choose. I am also open to other options, but keep in mind that I generally do not want gym types that are capable of giving one type of starter Pokemon an advantage or disadvantage over others at the start of the game, as was the case of the Rock type leaders of the first few games.
For reference, here are the Pokemon designated to appear at the first few routes of the game, to help in your decision:
> Atmana (Psychic)
> Miceberg (Ground/Ice)
> Gustling (Normal/Flying)
> Curvri (Normal/Electric)
> Mycelite (Grass/Electric)
> Digloch (Ground)

What themes should gyms have in general?
Basically, we are torn between sticking to the traditional mono-type format from the games, or coming up with entirely new style of gyms. Two of our members have suggested new ideas in oppose to the old formula, as listed below:
Berry Gym (Gym 1 or 2)
Leader: Player's Mother
Pokemon: Early route pokemon (the cuter ones) holding berries.
Note: Has a sitrus berry as an item to use during the gym battle.
Reward: 3 sitrus berries. Incinerate TM (because it counters berries)

Cute/Smart (Calm)/Tough/Cool (Quirky) Gym
Leader: 4 trainers. One for each characteristic. Character type that is opposite of player character type fights the player. Standard Trainer fights a random leader.
Pokemon: Pokemon that match the leader's characteristic, preferably across many types
Note: Cute is the opposite of Tough and Smart/Calm is the opposite of Cool/Quirky.
Reward: Different TM for each of the 4 leaders (Game would need to allow the rematching of gym leaders, which is something I would really like to see. Preferably with them being slightly stronger the second time)

Weather Gym
Leader: Meteorologist
Pokemon: Any pokemon that could take advantage of each weather type (Sun, Rain, Sandstorm, Hail.). It would work best if we have pokemon with each of the weather starting abilities so that the weather would change for each pokemon when it switched in, but I don't think we do.
Note: If we do not have weather starting pokes, we could just have random weather every turn. Maybe this could be an outside gym in a city where the weather is sporadic because of legendary pokemon activity.
Note 2: Rock types get a 50% Sp Defense boost in a sandstorm, so rock types are probably best for the sandstorm portion.
Reward: 2 TMs for first battle (Sunny Day/Rain Dance). 2 for rematch (Sandstorm/Hail)

2: I'd say we should either go with the good 'ol never-fail type gyms, or we can go with MY idea:
actual strategy based gyms!

Some examples: Payback Gym: All pokemon have moves like Payback or Revenge.
Baton Pass Gym: Title says all, a gym based off baton-passing boosts to some pokemon!
Weather Gym: Rain dance/Sandstorm/hail/sunny Day and the pokemon that can abuse said weather!
Debuff and/or Buff gym: Where the leader uses stat-lowering moves to make you switch out (with, like, SR or spikes set up (Either or, NOT both!)
Where the leader uses a set-up pokemon or two.
Status Gym: Self Explanitory, and have it be EITHER Para or poison, Burn is more geared towards physical attackers and sleep is too damn annoying. Para and poison affect most pokemon, yet have a few that can counter it, so I think it'd be good.
In fact, I believe a mix of both would be good.

Another idea I have in mind is a dual-type theme, where gyms would specialize in two elemental types instead of one, such as Psychic and Fighting, for instance, or Grass & Dark types. Just throwing that out there for an option that isn't too alien, nor is unoriginal.

Assuming we are going with type-themed gyms, pick the type you want would want to see in the game
Depending on votes, the top picks will be the ones chosen, provided that we've come to an agreement that we aren't doing anything different with the Pokemon Gyms.

Should the Elite 4 follow type themes as in the games, or be typless?
This one pertains to the Elite 4, the stronger trainers that you'll find near the end of the game after you have defeated every gym.

Should we include a double-battle Gym Leader (i.e. Tate and Liza from Pokemon RSE)?
Self-explanatory. This type of gym battle involves using two Pokemon at once. If the votes lean towards yes, then at least one double-battle gym will be included.

You can also find the complete Pokemon list on the event page for help knowing what Pokemon types will appear in this game. What are your thoughts?

Mighty No. 9 - Kenji Infune's new Megaman

Megaman's creator, Kenji Infune recently announced his new project on Kickstarter. Mighty No. 9 is a game that's meant to take you back to action gaming roots... Okay it's essentially a new Megaman styled game. :P

This seems awesome, though, and there is even a character design contest going on, similar to the robot master design contests held throughout the Megaman series. You can find the kickstarter page here:

The Sims 4

It's confirmed, guys. Maxis' new sequel to its cash-cow franchise, the Sims 4, is now in the works.

The graphics seem to be only a minor step up from the Sims 3, but the new create-a-sim features, as well as the build mode features seem to be REALLY impressive.

Watching this fills me with rage because I bought the Sims 3 starter pack only 3 weeks ago, and now this is announced. :(

What do you guys think? I don't see a lot of people talk about Maxis games on this site.

New Pokemon Anime - And this time Ash isn't in it!

This trailer over at Pokemon Jp's youtube channel confirms that a new Pokemon series is in the works. Best part about this? This new series seems to be taking a more game-based direction, using game-based characters (Red, Blue/Green, Prof. Oak and Brock as seen in the trailer) and set during the R/B/G/Y era. It's called Pokemon Origins, and I'm not sure if a US release is planned, but I hope for it.

It's about time pokemon got a new animated series that isn't Ash going on another adventure and hitting frequent reset buttons. What do you think?

What were some of the weirdest dreams you had last night?

As the title says, this is a thread to post and/or discuss some of the strangest dreams you remember experiencing. In case you as, yes, this thread is as a result of a chain of odd dreams I had last night.

It began where I was some sort of detective trying to find evidence of something in an dark, empty wooden house (I have no conscious control over my dreams). Suddenly, I notice some sort of impending doom approaching, and I ran out of the house immeadiately. That's the end of part 1.

Part 2, I was at some victorian-themed mansion of the sort. I was talking with some clients who were assigning me a bounty of an evil undead (keep in mind, I cannot remember what exactly was said, yet in-dream I can understand everything. Also, these are the type of ghosts that look like regular people, or zombified things... Sort of like that). The part ended as I was looking inside a room with a large painting of an insane, bearded villain pulling one of his eyes out. It was pretty graphic...

It doesn't end there. All of a sudden I'm back to modern times, walking along the sidewalk of a random city. Suddenly, a car drives by me, smashes into a closed-off border, and plummets down a cliff. All I remember is thinking "what the fuck" before this part ended.

Now I'm in a car with my family, and outside the car windows I could see a blue tornado doing what tornados do best, ripping through everything in it's path.

Final part, I was apparently browsing this website (yes, I do have dreams about rpgmaker.net sometimes). I noticed a Tina of the Stars game on RM2k (which I never made and not planning on doing so) got featured, but I felt surprised as I didn't think the game was all that great (again, I have no conscious control over my dreams. I'm like a puppet in an act). Finally, I woke up after that long chain of mess...


Nik Wallenda, the first man to walk across a section of Grand Canyon on a tightrope

If anyone in the states was watching TV last night, you would know someone who just made history with a crazy ass stunt.

Nik Wallenda, part of a family of dare-devils, decided to take on a dangerous challenge of crossing one of the gaps of the Grand Canyon on a tightrope. The catch is, he has no parachutes, no one at the bottom to break his fall, nothing. If he screwed up just a little bit, he would have fallen to his death.

I watched the walk live on the discovery channel, and my heart was racing. Fortunately, unlike his father to attempted a similar act, this dude made the trek alive.

You can learn about it here: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/06/23/want-to-watch-a-1500-foot-high-tightrope-walk-across-a-section-of-the-grand-canyon/

This guy probably has a name in the world records now, but in my opinion this was also insane. The dude is married and his wife AND kids were watching him on site. Just imagine if he didn't make it across...

[RMVXAce Script Request] - Events trigger when near other events

Hello, coding geniuses. I decided as of two days ago that I wanted to make a simplistic puzzle game with RPG Maker VX Ace. The concept is that the player must push color-coded blocks against other blocks of the same color to clear the way towards the exit of a level. While it sounds like a pretty basic idea, I recently discovered that it's hard, or maybe even impossible to pull off with RMVXA's default features... Unless someone can prove me wrong.

So here is my script request: I want a way for events to trigger when one event is directly next to other event with similar values.

In the context of my game, if you move a green block to a position where it is right next to another green block, an event will trigger to make both green blocks disappear.

Here is a video example of a game called Shi Kin Jou. The concept of my name is mostly identical to this game. You push one tile to another tile of the same type and they disappear, or you push a tile towards a certain "black" tile and the tile you are moving becomes something else. It provides a pretty clear visual of what I want:

If anyone manages to pull this off, I will deem you a savior. Thanks for your time.

[Poll] Sonic Lost Worlds

Well the debut trailer finally came out yesterday:

If you haven't heard already, our high-speed video game hedgehog is getting a WiiU/3DS exclusive game called Sonic Lost Worlds. From the looks of the trailer, it seems to bring the focus back to fast-paced platforming as recent sonic games have done.

My thoughts? I don't understand how Sega couldn't fit this on the first Wii, but this looks like a lot of fun!

What are your thoughts on Sonic's upcoming game? Sonic cycle is welcome, though I personally don't want to hear it.

[Poll] Zelda Classic to be added in as a category


As you see above, there are plenty of projects surfacing that uses the Zelda Classic engine to make Legend of Zelda fan games. As a result, I would like to propose that the game engine's section would include Zelda Classic in its library.

The amount of games isn't the only reason I'm suggesting it, though. First, I'd like to spread awareness of the engine as it's pretty fun to use, and has options for both fanboys and advanced users (with the ZScript feature). Second, ZQuest games require that you have the Zelda Classic client installed to play them, and if this engine had its own category, I think it would settle confusion as to how to play a "quest" made with Zelda Classic.

What are your thoughts?