The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I'm an artist and animator who loves making games in my currently vast amounts of spare time.

I also enjoy messing with people. :P

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Oblivion Quest
A FF-styled JRPG with a Classic Twist!


[Artist for Hire] Ratty's Commission Corner

Heya! My name's Jordan Bickelmann, but you can also call me "Ratty." I'm a freelance character artist and animator, in addition to a hobbyist game developer who's thinking about taking an extra step towards that direction. For now, however, I'm looking to both offer my services to the RM community and expand my portfolio.

What I Can Offer:
My primary focus is in character design and pixel art. I work in a variety of styles from VX RTP to Gameboy, and can deliver them in just about any format you need, including, but not limited to, charsets, facesets, portraits, full-body, etc.

All of my work will be priced in USD. The price of my work will depend on what you are requesting. A request of 8-bit pixel art facesets will cost around $12 - $20 per graphic, or more depending on both complexity and quantity; a digital, full-body character will cost around $50 - $100 considering the same. Please send me a private message detailing exactly what you are looking for, and we can negotiate a price.

I will be using Paypal to handle these transactions, so if you do not have an account, get one, it’s easy!

Work Examples:

You can find more of my work on my online portfolio: www.jordanbickelmann.com, or check out any of my game pages that include custom artwork.

Final Notes:
  • All work commissioned is made free to use and/or for commercial projects at the client’s discretion, but regardless, please provide credit as either “Jordan Bickelmann”, “Ratty524” or “Jordan ‘Ratty524’ Bickelmann.”

  • All commission work will not be posted among examples in this thread or anywhere unless given permission by the client.

  • I would prefer to work on a piece-by-piece basis, so keep your requests small. Please respect the fact that I too have my own projects to work on both game-related and career-related. If you are looking for a single artist who will deliver all the assets you need for your project, look elsewhere.

  • I’m on RMN almost every day, but in case I’m not available for any reason, you can reach me quickly at jbickelmann@gmail.com

Any further questions, feel free to ask!

Extra Playable Characters for Personalization vs Playstyle

This has been on my mind for a while. I remember reading a game review somewhere that criticized the way a game handles multiple characters. Specifically, it pointed out that each character didn't add anything different to the gameplay with anything other than a simple change in appearance, and the whole addition of extra characters was called "pointless."

I wonder why this is? To me, the ability to choose from multiple characters, on a fundamental basis, is to allow players to play as someone they can identify with. I don't think giving multiple characters a set playstyle is a bad thing, but how is the other way around a bad thing? ... or is it all just neutral and dependent on other factors of the game?

What are your thoughts, RMN?

The 12 days of RMas

On the 1st day of RMas
my true love gave to me

A copy of RMMV.

(Yes I'm late on this, but continue!)

Video game franchises that need to return

The 21st century saw a lot of once mainstay game series and companies sort of vanish into obscurity. Among the vast graveyard of major game series, what franchises do you want to see make a comeback?

Here are mine:

- This guy was once the king of multiplayer games before CoD existed, what happened? Eh... We all kind of know. He was milked for all he was worth in his later life (decreasing the quality of his games) and eventually Hudson went bankrupt and was absorbed into Konami, who pretty much barely acknowledges this franchise's existence at this point. We didn't even get many of his final games localized to the West because of Hudson's financial issues (Among them, outside of this franchise, included a remake of the first Bonk game on the Wii).

Outside of a few mmos I've seen here and there, there are no real successors, or any game made today that even remotely resemble the gameplay style of this series. I guess nobody likes running around mazes and blowing up comical enemies anymore? I do! I want my Bomberman back, or at least can we have more of his SNES games on the virtual console? Those consisted of some of the best games of the entire series! :(

Chrono Trigger
I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this one. I don't care if the storyline was "generic," the gameplay and its unique cast of characters kicked ass and I want to play a proper follow-up of this series. Is the reason Square is leaving us hanging is because they don't think the game would sell very well? Because the potential risks didn't seem to stop anyone from putting out Bravely Default, and that did well?

How do you generally market your game?

Something that's been bugging me personally is how often a lot of people don't even acknowledge the existence of any game I put up in any community. Lately, I've been avoiding trying to hype up any project early and sort of release it without anyone knowing about it prior, but as far as I know, that hasn't drawn anyone to take a look at my games.

For those who seem used to getting a crap-ton of views and comments on their projects, how do you market games on the general level of getting people to play your stuff? How do you get popular?

Mobile Gaming - Is this Really Gaming's Future?

Before I go on, I'm going to say that a lot of my thoughts on this side of the industry is based mainly on quick glances and conjecture, and I have a high chance of being wrong about my assertions about it. I'm not a mobile gamer, and I probably never will be given the reasons I'm about to bring up for discussion among us game developers.

So... What the hell are people doing with this medium!? I often hear mobile gaming being touted as the next big thing for the industry, and yet every time I see an ad for a mobile game via television or the net, I'm baffled by this sentiment, I really am.

For what reason? Because the vast majority of these games are either heavily dumbed down variations of past games or just straight up clones. What's with everyone obsession with making Bust-A-Move Clone #147 and the movie edition, Bejeweled with candy and soda, Flappy Bird Everything, and... Good god it's like the developers of this platform are making a joke out of it.

Where are the games that push boundaries? Where are the games that actually use their platform's full capabilities to create something interesting? Where are the games that actually provide a decent challenge to non-casual players? I know that attempts at trying to milk off a previous game's success is nothing new. Hell, just about every "great system" we revere today (The NES, the SNES, Genesis, etc.) had a sizable library of shovelware. People tend to forget those mediocre games exist, though, which brings me to my main concern.

By and large, I only feel like there are... two or three truly notable games to come out of this market; the one's that are actually decently designed and not just living on fad hype. I guess the mobile market is great for making cheap games with the intent of making a quick buck, but would anyone honestly rather make something that people will throw away easily and leave you, as a developer, lost among a crowd, or do something bold and leave behind a legacy, even on a minor scale? Angry Birds accomplished that (I think), so why can't everyone else do the same?

The fact that people laud mobile gaming as such a big deal kind of terrifies me, because, at least in this day and age, it seriously looks like the most creatively bankrupt slum among everything else in this industry.

Enough with my rant, though. What are your thoughts on mobile gaming/games as a whole?

The Zany Slack Quotes Thread

Since #RPGMaker.net Slack seems to be kicking off well, let's post some of the hilarious, amusing, or outright weird stuff people type into the chatroom here, where it will remain for as long as WIP doesn't shut down the website.

To start off, Liberty drank a bit too much last night, and it spawned this near-tagline worthy quote:

Would you Recommend this Game?/Games you Recommend

For those who can't decide whether the game they want to purchase will be worth it, for those looking for new types of games to play, or those who want to personally give a shout out to any game, indie or AAA, that they think people will enjoy. This is the thread to do it!

Unlike the "What's on your To-Play List" or "Games you Like/Dislike" threads, the objective here is to recommend or dissuade someone to play a particular game that catches their eye. For instance, if someone asks whether they should give Minecraft a shot, you'd state your reasons to either play that game or not. Opinions are obviously welcome.


To start off, I've been contemplating on whether I should get The Sims 4 or not, since it's currently on sale through Origin. I've heard many mixed to negative reviews on it, with many of the features that made the Sims 3 awesome stripped out of the game, but it also adds cool new things like the better create-a-sim and expanded personality traits.

For those of you who played the Sims 4, would you recommend it? I feel indecisive since I already have two great expansions on the Sims 3 and despite its shortcomings, I feel like I'd miss some of the open world features that the sequel supposedly removed. Thoughts?

What's your day job? Talk about it!

Outside of game making, what do you guys do to get your bills/student loans paid (if applicable) and get food on the table?

Aside from constantly applying for freelance and animation jobs, I work part-time as an apparel associate at Sears. It's my first time working in a retail job, and it's quite an experience so far. My training was a bit shakey due to the hectic nature of the environment, and it kind of exposes me to some of the worst aspects about people. Otherwise, I'm actually enjoying it. My main responsibilities include keeping the sales floor clean and up to presentation standards, and handling go-backs from the register and fitting rooms. The most challenging part about it, however, is assisting customers.

So what about the rest of you?

Ratty's Drawings and Other Artsy Things

So I tend to downplay my artistic role a lot on these forums, but I'm actually a blossoming cartoon artist and animator. The reason why I downplay it to begin with is because I'm a bit overly concerned about reputation, and I tend to never think of anything as being my best work. But yeah, I do draw and stuff, so I might as well try to get over my insecurities now!

Drawings and Doodles:

During a plane ride, I came up with the thought that if the rabbit survived the next big mass extinction event, what would it evolve into? So I came up with a long-necked herbivore (bottom left); a beefy rabbit carnivore (upper right) and a rabbit primate (bottom right).

Initial drawings of some vermin-like characters for this flash animation project I'm thinking of doing. It also contains some sketches trying to figure out a good camera angle for the establishing shot.

Two monkeys, and one of them farts. I was trying to go for a more "graphic" style seen in most television animation. I planned on refining it into a digital image later, but I haven't got around to it yet.

This is something I sort of crapped out trying to encourage and demonstrate construction to an 11-year old who wants to draw. The poor thing has an underbite and messed up horns and wings, but yeah I don't generally plan stuff out when I'm drawing on the fly.

A thing I did because I felt like it at the time.

This is what happens when you leave me alone to doodle.

And this is what happens when I have no idea whatsoever.

This is the initial process work I came up with for "Ezzo," who I'm going to use as a personal mascot for my artwork. Just showing my thought process when I actually make planned designs of characters.

These were the initial results I came up with for the above character.

Finally, I refined both the design and the pose in GIMP, coming up with this final result.

Something I'm doing recently is designing the main characters for this Sonic the Hedgehog-styled game idea I have for IGMC. The one on the left is my first drawing of the main character of the game, the one on the right is a cleaner variation I made after hating the other one. I still have to work on her.

The main antagonist of said game idea. He's actually the younger brother of the main character who happens to be an evil genius. I was kind of going for "Albert Einstein" mixed with "Loid (from Mother 1)" in this design, but I think I might work on it more.

Life Drawing and Studies

One of my many attempts at figuring out the damn hand.

A movement study I did while observing someone sitting at their desk and conversing. Also trying to figure out how to pose a hand holding a pencil.

Animal sketches I did at the LA Zoo. I personally like the sleeping otter I did in ball-point pen, even though it wound up incomplete because the critter I was observing suddenly got up and moved.

Pixel Stuff:
These are the assets I made when I was working on Chaos Sword, all made within the confines of the full color NES pallete:
Face Graphics:


I've also made some Pokemon "devamp" sprites in the style of R/B/G:

Every time I look at Talonflame, I think of how much of a disgrace it looks. It takes a special kind of person who be able to revert to a sucky style of spriting.

Long before this and Pokemon RMN version, I made G/S/C -styled fakemon for a fan game that I've since abandoned: