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now you have to add +10 to all your enemies' parameters.
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Creating a feeling of Healing Item Scarcity

You can always have negatives attached to the healing - say it lowers your defence to heal or something like that. You could have equipment that give regen bonuses so that you don't have to rely on healing items too much and they're handy only in emergencies. You could make it so that at the end of each battle you get a %heal.

The idea is to balance having less items with offsetting the damage taken. Maybe you could have MP healing items mostly, with a few HP healing items here and there and have people forced to use healing skills instead.
Negatives attached to healing skills will generally discourage the player from using them, not limiting it. %heals at the end of a battle kinda work against the feeling of desperation so I wouldn't advise to go with it!

Having less items can also be balanced by having items actually be useful! It further enforces the elixir mindset since "it took me so much effort to get a mere potion might as well save it for when i really need it" - but of course, the game must also actively push toward encouraging the players to use items so that they stay in low stock!

The value of healing items can be inferred by first figuring out the "cost" of all the other methods of healing:
Healing skills cost MP - a precious resource that can't be (or is difficult to be) restored mid-dungeon, and is shared with skills. The player has to decide whether the MP is better spent on healing or defeating the next encounter.
Healing points may be free but they're static in position - in order to progress, the player must leave the healing point, and the further the player goes, the farther the healing point is. Backtracking and having to encounter all those enemies again - is it worth the time and potential damage the party might take?
Healing items are consumable - you can run out of them! This is the choice a player would choose if they don't want to spend MP or want to backtrack (or if it's even possible to)! In addition, they don't cost MP in battle either, and any member can use it to heal, especially the party members with no healing spell. This is what makes healing items pretty desirable, so if you want the player to stay low on healing items, have them be hard to obtain, and give them incentive to use them. Make them worth the effort!

make healing items the easy way out but make them hard to get!

A few things I've seen to make healing more limited:
-Inazuma Eleven lets you hold on all restoration items, but you can only use 3 of them each match.
-D&D 4th Edition uses healing surges, forcing you to spend one if you want to get healed. The only exception is the Paladin, who can heal others by expending his own healing surge rather than the target's.
-Terraria bars the use of recovery items for 60 seconds when you use one, though this cooldown can be reduced to 45 by an accessory.
-Dragon Quest limits the amount of items you can use during any given battle with the character-specific inventory.

This doesn't cause the feeling of healing item scarcity. It only applies somewhat arbitrary rules regarding when you can heal or not. It dictates how often the player can use them, but doesn't dictate how often the player will find healing items.

From what I understand, unity isn't trying to limit healing itself, but simply making it harder for the player to stockpile healing items.

Creating a feeling of Healing Item Scarcity

However, I think you may have hit on the biggest issue. I was going to have spots here and there that restore the player. That kind of undercuts the item scarcity bit if you can just backtrack to heal (though you will have to fight more monsters). Hmm.
I'd suggest cutting one of those three healing sources. Either no skills, save points don't restore health, or no healing items. With a variety of healing options, players know that, if one source is unavailable, another one will be right around the corner.

Cutting out sources won't really cause scarcity. The amount of ways you heal isn't related to how often you can heal.
Skills cost MP? Limit MP and have it extremely difficult to restore.
Save points restoring health? As you said, have them restore once per visit.
Healing items are probably the most important bit. I tend to price them really expensively on shops, because I want the player to not rely on items, but rely on their skills and party loadout! This does have the slight side effect of healing items being somewhat scarce, but it doesn't necessarily make healing itself a difficult thing to do.

Value the items highly - both in shop price, scenario, and in placing them in treasure chests/rewards. In addition to that, make the player aware that they just can't simply use it up and buy more.
Making the party/NPCs acknowledge the scarcity of healing items alone would make a pretty big difference!

more edits:
Of course, having them scarce would also mean making them worth using - players would simply outright ignore healing items if they were already hard to get and didn't even heal much.

RMN Plays: Final Fantasy Tactics Randomizer Hack

Move the unit with the highest HP at least 1 tile forward

Damage Floor in RPGs, Good or Bad?

They're really good.

Nothing is objectively good or bad when it comes to game mechanics in my opinion. You can make a good game with what people may call terrible design decisions.
I personally think one important thing about damage floors is to make them count: they should inflict damage - enough to make a player consider: Should I tank through this and just use up precious healing items and MP afterwards, or find a different way?

Damage tiles can be a good element of puzzle solving:
a simple one would be showing where the damage tiles are for a short amount of time - only to hide it and make the damage tiles identical to safe tiles! Then the player would have to navigate a maze of invisible damage tiles (or tank through them)
Another one is to put traps that drop the player into rooms full of damage tiles! They'd know that falling down pits are not good because they would take a lot of damage as well.

In substar, I made some of my damage tiles inflict Fire damage - If a partymember resists or is immune to fire, they won't take damage, but if a partymember was weak to fire, they will take more damage from the damage tiles.
Further on in substar, there are poison tiles that inflict Poison elemental damage and the Poison status - which are also determined based on your poison resistance. The player can Immunize through all the poison tiles at the cost of MP.

Damage tiles are also a matter of atmosphere in my opinion: just having them in a dungeon shows how dangerous the place is. Simply walking might kill you!

Poison tiles really don't make much sense at all when you think about it, unless you're walking barefoot through a pool of literal shit with open gashes on your legs.

- The heat is just so strong that it causes your party to get hurt even with equipment on!
- It's not just poison! It's powerful magical poison that simply inhaling the air around the source causes pain!
- The thorns are as sharp as the claws of a dragon! Even with armor, the party is walking through a very painful ordeal!
- Pretty sure giant spikes suddenly pushing out of a floor would hurt even with lots of armor on.
Just because the RTP says swamp tiles are damage tiles it doesn't mean that it's the only way to do damage tiles!

Game length and maintaining player interest

The trick is always to make it feel like it's somehow the player's fault that they lost!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

A video is like 24 screenshots per second!
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I'm trying to stabilize the camera movement and fix a few animation-timing related bugs along with it. this game will never be done

That and I really should work on making the actual game.

Remember your "Dream Game?" How did that turn out?

It'll never be done ;w;

Subterranean Starfield

Oh god i didn't expect Moon Shard of all things to cancel out Timeless Blaze. That was definitely an oversight!

b21 onwards do not have Green chests yes.

Also yes, try F5! F6 can also change the window size if you wish to play it windowed in a bigger size

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