Game designer hopeful. Have designed several tabletop RPGs, and have long wanted to start into the video game space.

My focus when designing is to create challenging experiences that force the player to make difficult choices, and change the paradigm when someone thinks of an RPG.
Binding Wyrds
A modern fantasy game, delving into the shadows of the supernatural.
Review Info Rating
A poorly designed boss rush
  • Megaman Tournament
02/28/2016 01:35 AM
Reminds me of playing an untranslated RPG
  • Ghost Lantern
02/27/2016 01:11 AM
A great tech demo
  • Obelisk: Devilkiller
02/26/2016 07:53 AM
Not a blitz, and not a souls
  • Boss Blitz
02/26/2016 05:28 AM
A well-made commercial RPGMaker game
  • Skyborn
02/23/2016 04:48 AM
Got too bored to keep going...
  • Legends Of Illarion 2: Sins Of The Gods
02/23/2016 04:24 AM
Would pay money for it, if I could
  • I Miss the Sunrise
02/23/2016 12:33 AM
Very short, and not really worth the time to play it
  • Copycat
02/20/2016 07:32 AM
Short, good story, with some flaws.
  • Three Cheers for the Strawman
02/20/2016 02:05 AM
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