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Yeah, no. Bad.

Neo Jado

There's a couple more trailers up. I wanted to show a few aspects of the game (spoofs, minigames, etc), there's an ensemble cast, but I wound up posting 4 different videos of the same character. Anything else you guys want to see, let me know. I'll try and put up descriptions of some of the POVs soon. There's a lot of them.


your roommate is "Iroquois Pliskin"

Dhalsim here is the "life without parole inmate who's accepted his fate and instead found enlightenment"


These NPCs give you alot of sass too, I won't spoil what our 'save point' is like until the demo. You'll never want to save again.


you know how in some games, when you arrive in a new town, they'll be a graphic of some kind with the name of the town - it's not supposed to be seen by anyone but the gamer

well this is it - except this picture is casting a shadow on the ground below, kinda telling you it's actually a giant sign that's floating above the town like a cloud


i've accounted for that - game over if you skip the process


i like the hair too, it's just the top part of her hair is noticeably brighter than the lower part - not sure if that's intentional, but if it isn't, just letting you know


i spoof everything in this game - comic book heroes, classic rpgs, saturday morning cartoons, movies, musicians, everything

hix is no exception, his character exudes wimp, which fits perfectly for this guy

Neo Jado

thanks for subscribing, we'll have a couple more trailers up soon

the game is about 50% action/drama/intrigue and 50% pure comedy/spoofs, so we'll put up some comedic segments and some minigame demos too

i wanted to have a working demo up, but i'm not sure how long it should be and what should be in it - we have about 10 hours of game playable, but it's not linear