Blackmoon Prophecy

Mohammad Passage - unlimited ethers OMG!

Blackmoon Prophecy

Err, other than bugs previus people mentioned, there is couple more I found out:
- You find gem box item reaaaally early in the game - just in Trei Tunnel with Hans? well 1/2mp and +100 Magic isn't supposed to be used with lvl 5-10 chars for sure...
- There is lots of background mistakes when you are on bridges inside caves - we should have cave background above water, but instead we get field background.
- Encounters are still far too easy. Every enemy needs 1-2 hits to be dead, and bosses are max 5-6. That is between 7-20 secs per battle.

Other than that it's fun game:) I just finished fire crystal.

Oops... Mysidia Cave! :

Star Stealing Prince

I completed the game. It is very fun and one of the best ever made. Just have two question for completion purposes: where I can get Frozen Strike II if I didn't pick up in sepulcher castle? (Ingame there is message which tells that all tomes missed on floating island are accessible later), and second one is: where I can get green ribbon?

Phantasia 5

As always your game is full of bugs/missed files -.-> It doesn't have many ihealing items animations, game is unpalayable (forgoten switch) in item shop where you should wait for healer etc. Trying to correct em while I play. But it's tiring :(


walkthrough or atleast detailed guide to sidequest would be fantastic!

Hero's Realm

okay, then i got them all by myself :) Now I have another q: Where should I go before Void of the World to get best/ultimate equipment?

Hero's Realm

nevermind i havent read previous post carefoully, lol. But you can write locations of elfstones anyway :)

Hero's Realm

Where and how i can get all of the elfstones? I haven't unclocked daredevil class yet...