Demo Release Date

You may also be able to find a plugin that allows players to push NPCs with random movement, like just pressing a direction on them will make them move out of the way you're pressing.

A lot of 16-bit era games had that functionality and I am almost positive I've seen it for Ace, gotta me something like that for MV.

I also thought of that, here is plugin I found out:


Demo Release Date

As always its perfect game! You are really doing best job in this community URPC. But what world would be without complaints.

Please make wider passages in towns with NPCS. They are getting in a way of the player, it's so annoying.

Part One Release

Yeah it's maybe a little convoluted/obscure. On the first floor & east side by the side exit, there's some rope in a storage room opposite the vertical hallway. Go back to the roof, and there's a spot you can jump from.

Thanks, found it, maybe a little "spark" at the spot in next update would be nice :)

Part One Release

Hey, first of all, that's fantastic game and I hope you'll finish it someday. I am stuck though...
At Paul's castle, where I should signal our second party about opened doors. There is scene at the locked room, where Sparrow says about large window behind door. I don't know what to do now, where to find key to this door or how to proceed any other way.

Meteo Chronicles Epilogue: Crypt Challenge EX

1. First of all - there is no file "sandstorm" in non-existing folder img/parallaxes (I created some random image to get along with game), which umakes it impossible to play game
2. No event starts with that Chili girl, who lies outside cavern, but when you enter crypt, she is suddenly talking but not in your party.

Please fix those problems. That's 2 mins in game with ugly bugs.

Meteo Chronicles

Game is decrypted, so i cannot do anything:

Battle Test + Overworld Progress Videos

In my opinion, you should change damage font, it seems too fuzzy, better use default one, or ripped from earlier Final Fantasies (VI-VII) as it would fit better with your very clear text font and windowskin.

Penumbra Crystallis

I am a big fan of these they are one of the best Final Fantasy fan games, I hope to see this finished.
Love the second one, and hope to see you finish it.

Unlike most of RPG maker users UPRC is real MAN and he always finishes his job properly! Good luck with another masterpiece!

Theia is now available in english!

While trying to open menu... I believe its because some files are using some Italian characters in file names.

EDIT: Okay Ill just exchange to ŕ every file whenever rpg maker throws error to me. It works for now.

RPG Ring Of Demon

Why this game isn't flagged as commercial?