Everlasting Journey

Older versions/folder doesn't work aswell. It's probably problem with my computer... well, happy playing to others, then!

Everlasting Journey

When I try to open this game, errors popups, looking like that:

and after this, another error come with other numbers. This is version 1.32 and what should I fix?

Defender of Alefguard 1.5

@Swish Whats funny is the fact that the stats are from the original game. Its not going to take 300 battles to get the next equipment. However I will try to make it easier. You should have more than leather armor, like a shield and helm equiped.

I've got all the best equipment from first town shop. Next upgradse I'm talking about is metal equip from second town. But it costs over 500 gold pieces (axe, armor), and hardest enemy I can take out is ghost which gives 3exp and 5 gold, which isn't enough ;/ Yes, I know that original Dragon Warrior was really hard as well, but it's just insane!


I sold two magic herbs and bought chain armor and chain helm, still weakest from 2nd tier enemies (skeleton, wolf, scorpion, magician) - magician still knocks 80% of my HP with single "hurt". Any suggestions?


whoosh, I got Iron Axe after zillion of battles! And i noticed that enemies in mountain cave are beatable, hovewer there is very long way to that cave filled with werewolves, skelletons and scorpions who are still pushover! I have currently 6 lvl and way way to next lvl up. What to do people?

My equipment and stats:
Iron Axe
Leather Shield
Chain Armor
Chain Helm

27 ATK, 17DEF/MDEF 23/20 HP/MP

Defender of Alefguard 1.5

Game is impossible to beat after Eldrick's Cave. On the right you get skelletons which are immune to any attacks, and to the left are magicians or werewolves who kicks for ~20 damage. Ive got Sword, and leather equipment set. Another upgrade is after 500+++ gold, so it would take ~300 battles to get ONE upgrade.

Final Fantasy Discovery

There sure are "true" Final Fantasy Fan Games, especially here. Look up "Final Fantasy: Blackmoon Prophecy." That one's a gem.

Forgot to add - vx/vx ace engine...

Final Fantasy Discovery

This still wouldn't qualify as a "starter kit." Dargor's kit aimed to replicate a game exactly as it operated on its original platform in order for people to make games based ENTIRELY on Final Fantasy VI's algorithms and game mechanics. This project uses many different ideas from a series of games.
Even with that, I see you gathered alot of resources and put into good, final fantasy'ish style along with cool systems, so it could be qualified as base/kit for final fantasy style game, and considering noone ever made something good like that, I believe it would catch much attention of other people, as there aren't really any "true" final fantasy fangames. So I just hope you won't delete this project and release as it is if you ever decide to abandon this one!

Final Fantasy Discovery

In my humble opinion, if a week is a long time to someone, then they have bigger concerns than creating RPG Maker games.

Making accurate scripts/annimations/database and balanced skill system, along with equipment can take alot of time - more than week. Look for yourself how long took that one guy who tried to make starter development kit of FFVI (FFVI-SDK). And he didn't even make it, even with so much hopes put into it. We have pokemon starter kits, mario, etc. and it have lots of fans around, who work with this. Well I see much potential in your project, and what I want to tell is that if you abandon this project, release it so people could start they final fantasy fangames easier and make them better. You will also enjoy it more if people start making games with your credit rather than abandoning and deleting this project!

Final Fantasy Discovery

I just hope you will release system kit when you going to abandon this project... It would be great for others to start with your whole database:)

Change Log

In hope of repairing Pyramid bug completely, I restarted my gameplay with 1.04b patch. Sadly:

Blackmoon Prophecy

Another bug other than this infinitr loop sicksinz mentioned:
Guarding Spirit of mohamadal pyramid use fire, which cannot be reduced by flame shields/dragoon's flame guard spell.