Theia is now available in english!

While trying to open menu... I believe its because some files are using some Italian characters in file names.

EDIT: Okay Ill just exchange to ŕ every file whenever rpg maker throws error to me. It works for now.

RPG Ring Of Demon

Why this game isn't flagged as commercial?

Blackmoon Prophecy 1.20

There are two bugs that makes game unplayable after some point (I repaired these myself in my copy):

1. Mohadmal Pyramid. That one tile in original copy is faced down, so character crash into wall, making game impossible to continue.

2. Lindblum Castle. After receiving Crystal of Life and all talk with Regent Grant, when party decide to go to Ivalice, Switch 1085 is used, instead of 1062, thus making all these people (party and three dragoons) stay still in throne room and making impossible to exit Throne Room.

Blackmoon Prophecy 1.20

Ok, I turned off DYN RPG ATB Module and MP reduce indicator. It's playable now.

Blackmoon Prophecy 1.20

Yep, another bug is that dead allies have other statuses on and their ATB still rises - for instance my dead dragoon is standing with poisoned face, and his ATB still goes to full bar.

EDIT: Also easy bug to repair - standard attack monster animation have so low amount of frames, that when two enemies attack one ally, damage number has no time to show its amount for both attack. Make just like ~30-40 empty frames after attack snimation so damage shows properly.

Blackmoon Prophecy 1.20

Hi I don't know if it's bug with Goliath or other rm2k3 patch you are using, but setting ATB Mode to Wait/Active doesn't change anything. No matter which option is set, ATB bar and monsters acts on its own all the time (no matter if I am in item/skills menu or checking target in Attack Mode).

Militibus Elementis Arc 2

Hi, I cannot run that game - that's the error I've got when I run the game:
Sorry, I have polish version of chrome - error says:
"File not found, It could be moved or deleted"

Titans Of Illumia

Hi I downloaded ur game 1.08v, but when I start new game, there is no intro and character is thrown into some random dungeon. Should it be that way?