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I started to play your game again and found small bug: When in Mage Academy you take over control of Oalston 2nd time (after learning comet) Vahn appears at the exit and also near bookshelf.

Blood Haze: Reborn

Well, my strategy Was:
- Null Fire/Earth for all characters (at least one Nullify) - passive so you won't lose turn, and another reason for it is explained in third point. She uses these elements most of the time, and casting it on immune char, makes her lose one turn (Yay!)
- Almost always Medidurahan spell (but when she put you into that lowering heal status - use Beads Chain item.
- From 4 turn ALWAYS cast Nullify Ailments spell - thats why it is important to not cast other Nullify Spell - these don't stack. In critical situation use Me Patras (spell or gem)
- Cyrielle should always use same strategy: Mind Force+Last Almighty Spell next turn (2000-3000 damage to Beatrice)
-Dekaja and Rakija spells - always when you have debuff and enemy has buff!

That way, if She cast Vanity spell or elemental spell, it's lose of turn, and when she summons towers - it's even better, beacuse most of their attacks are status changes. Well that way, if you have some items in your bag, she sahould be dead in few minutes :)

I forgot... She won't be dead :D

Blood Haze: Reborn

Another help needed... Beatrice! What should I do? She beats me hardly. Is there any strategy against her?

Whoa, finally killed that woman! It was epic battle, though... Now I am all ready for that God Tower!

Blood Haze: Reborn

Yeah, found it... Now I'll go to hell!:D

Blood Haze: Reborn

Yep, thats what I changed :). Now for another question. I have beaten Marlene, and now am in chapter 4, but I missed Asmodeus. Where I can find him?

Blood Haze: Reborn

That's a trick for the arena

Jack Sparrow: vanity - maragidyne - null fire - maragilao - bonus: vanity - bonus: maragidyne, in 3 turns they fall down... easy enough to get 20 levels in 1 hour and probably 800 ABS LoL

I'm level 75 now but the golden witch is a good enemy so far, the hellish fly has been easy as soon as I've found the pattern to nullify its turns.
7th circle cleared, but now I'm out for the arena fragment... funny, really funny!

I've tried that strategy. First of all its Null Ice, not fire :), well and they don't fall within three turns... Vanity doesn't always silence them and they seem to like cast that 2nd nonelemental spell, which kills my party in one turn...

Okay, I changed my strategy a bit. Now I'm beating those Jacks!

Blood Haze: Reborn

Please help me! I'm currently 50 lvl and can't beat:
-On battle arena I can fight only Spirits from higher tier enemies

Is there any good JP spot somewhere (every battle gives 200-500...)? I believe I won't go further until I learn passive nullification skills...
I'm playing on NORMAL mode so above listed monsters deal around 250-350 damage with their multi spells, which kills my party in 1-2 turns...


I am working out the final customization options for the script (Swish provided the initial work and I expanded on it from there, turning it into a standalone script for anyone to use).

I will release it as soon as it is finished. Let's hope I don't break it.

I am happy you used it :) Just how did you manage to make background fitting with centered text? :)

Everlasting Journey

Haha really? I didn't have that problem. I would suggest installing Adblock, and run a virus/malware scan. Install AVG if you don't have a virus program installed.

I have installed ESET and that's why It has blocked this site and that program :)

Everlasting Journey

That page is blocked by ESET and when I entered it with another way, it gives me link to mailware program "PC Cleaner Pro"...

EDIT: Adding "EJ.exe" as exception in NOD didn't solve this problem.

EDIT2: I found some info in another game topic and someone said that it is prblem with hardware when playing some games. No possible solution other than buying new computer :(