Resident Nonexistence
I've almost been here for somewhat 7 years and still can't seem to finish crap, but it's been time well spent learning exactly how NOT to do things

Except for that PONG game... I'm not doing that again. Ever.

Current Task: Doing something eventually
Fall of Darkness
Will you end it or lose yourself on the way?




Could clean up a bit of the loose pixels from when you cut out this guy's figure.

Yeah, I could.. Been trying to but it's real finicky so finding some good settings has been horrid x-x

Maybe I'll just stop being lazy with the magic wand and manually cut him out


In fairness, I was being snarky when I said that this was an "implied rape" scene

yeah I got it

At any rate, at least it's become clear I'll have to think about this kind of stuff from multiple angles before deciding to put it in

or maybe not care so long as I don't go overboard with it


You're now the second person to bring up "rape" in reference to this shot.. Funny thing is that I wasn't even thinking about that when I wrote it out, it was just "how can I make this guy seem like a detestable person"

What anime was this, out of curiosity? Couldn't hurt to add any more to my list


Can't help that odd tile issue on the left house; it doesn't show up in editor so MV's doing something weird to it


Question? Why are your houses so thin? Do they only have one skinny hallway inside them? Because that's what it looks like. Make the roofs a bit longer - at least three or four tiles 'high'. That way it looks like there's actual areas in the house.

Alrighty, will get right on that; was spacially unsure on how the tiles represented actual size so I went with 1 or 2 o-o


>Just a hornet


She hath better willpower than I


Yep, probably gonna download this tonight

This one image I randomly clicked on was all I needed


There better be an option to use it anyway, or I'll be rather disappointed :c
There is... but you must suffer the consequences.

I live with no regrets

for I am chaotic-neutral

Passive-aggressive to the max


There better be an option to use it anyway, or I'll be rather disappointed :c


The door placement looks kind of awkward, there is nothing above it.

Yeah, I'm planning to get those kinds of issues fixed once I get my parallax mapping skills down

note: I need to remember to name the images something meaningful.. leaving it up to FRAPS doesn't help :p

Otherwise, I like the lighting.

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