The name's Cole.
Freelance writer currently looking to join a serious gaming team. Writes whatever is needed but speciality lays within horror/thrillers and more mystical themed games.
PM me for any questions or for text examples.
Current project:
Project Rebirthed:



Do Us Part

Is there a possibility to get a hint for the desk code?
Running circles in my head here XD

[RMMV] Any way to use mass tilesets?

More of a quick question, I remember that in XP and VXACE there were ways a way to use "mass tilsets", in other words these massive compilation tilesets that combined every B - E tilsest into one.

It was very useful for me and I wonder if it is a way to do so in MV too?
I have a tilset that is the size of 128 x 2672.

[RMMV] [Rpg maker MV] Rezining tileset, ends up looking too massive

Those are not the tilesets I've linked to.
The FSM one's I have already legally bought from the steam store but those are not the tilesets that I linked to in my post, I'm afraid.

[RMMV] [Rpg maker MV] Rezining tileset, ends up looking too massive

I've found someone who resized the free to use tilsets from WOLF engine into rpg maker vx ace.
However, scaling these up to MV tile set size makes them look massive next to all characters (been using the re scaled wolf engine characters).

Don't know if there is any solution on how to easily fix these marvellous tile sets so that it doesn't look like every house is made for a family of giants.

All help is greatly appreciated.

Melting Moon

They changed the name to Havenfell and then it went bunk shortly after.
What's bunk mean?

Sad to say mate but I checked out all the tumblr links I used to follow and the project seems cancelled due to IRL stuff coming up.

Sad to see but I completely understand them too.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Working on the massive manuscript for our horror visual novel "ReBirthed"
This thing has been in the oven for a long time and I am yet just about 1/7 done with the writing: life of an author, frustrating as it may be!

[Paid] Need pixel artist for 2 sprites for personal project

Hello fellow rpg maker and artists.
As of now I am working on a little project, mostly for my own amusement but also to serve as a source for a game in the far future once my schedule of studies clears up.
I am looking for an artist to make 2 sprites for the two main leads.
Of course I'll compensate you for your time!

Hit me with a PM if you're interested.

She: Chapter 2: Desperate Escape

Hey, I played the first chapter of this and look forward to the second.
It says the game is complete but no downloads so far, hope they'll hit the market soon ^^


Good luck, I hope you are able to beat the game!

Ah yeah, I found it out!
Thanks for the help :D


So I decided to play through the demo and I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the game so far. Considering this is only a demo I'm leaving a comment rather than a rated review ^^.

The character sprites are kind of a nice touch I have to say right of the bat, it is really nice to see that you've decided to use half body pictures rather simple engine pictures.

On the flip side, I have to say that the maps are a tad too enormous. The hospital room feels like the size of a small flat to be honest. I don't know if this is your first game published or not but I do remember that I used to make this mistake when I began too! Just suggesting maybe making the maps a tad smaller in either this game or the next.
Also the story feels a little on the nose in the way it is told. Everything happens so sporadically and a lot of it is only told through text such as the "she awoke by a noise". Show don't tell would be a good approach, instead of saying so, why not show her waking up with a noise sound effect? Just a suggestion.

I do see that this might become really good and I will play the full release once it hits the market but I do hope that you can take some of the things I've said into consideration.
Best of luck mate!
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