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The Inventions of Reuben

Well I mean can they save anywhere, for example, off the world map? Like in a cave, in a village other than just using the world map or save point locations?

The Inventions of Reuben

I can't recall if you have the normal save point + world map = save anywhere function, but if that is the case, can I offer up a suggestion that would also help keep people from stock piling gold all the time? Portable saves.

A crystal item that you can use anywhere that allows you to open up and use the save/load menu without the need to reset the game to load, and without the need to find a save point in order to save where you are.

Dedicated Servers

I don't see anything lost, and if done right and good, you've a lot to gain from this, and if it doesn't work too greatly, people just won't use that one aspect of it. I think you've more to gain than you can lose, by adding this.

Dedicated Servers

I think it's an interesting concept for an RPG MAKER even if it won't handle many players at once. Worst case scenario, it's like Diablo III where 4 players join one game. Best case, someone has a good server of their own and hosts a fairly decent size game. Either way it adds something interesting.

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign


Also I may have said the wrong stuff when I mentioned online play.

I was thinking more along the lines of how Diablo III for the PS3 did it (not counting the quality of that game, just the basic concept) where you can connect with friends and play the game itself for free (after buying the game) or offline like normal, and an online function that connects you with random 3 or 4 others playing the game (for an additional monthly fee).

Now while it's not needed and hard as hell to implement, I am just sharing my idea. Where it allows you to play the exact game with a few others, but not having it like some MMO. Just allowing people to accomplish the game together.

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

To help promote this some more, you thinking about releasing a public demo here on the site as well, for it's own type of game page?

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

Oh trust me if RPG Maker had that kind of capability out of the box it would be a no brainer. Multiplayer though is a whole new ball game, I'll save it for our next game.

A Pokemon fan game for XP was made before and it featured online play. I'm guessing your main issue with it, is having to go in and add the long lines of code, amidst the other long lines of your script as is.

But if you were to stretch your goal again, maybe you can actually hire a professional to go into it and do it for you, and then your main issue is having your server for it.

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

With a game of this size (all of the stuff the player can do) did you ever think about trying to make it online? Offline and Online play?

You could charge a monthly fee to use the online mode. 2 online modes. One where many can connect, then one where only "friends" can connect. Friends one is free, monthly payment for the larger one, and then the offline mode.

You Are Not The Hero Kickstarter Campaign

This is making me happy.

How much do you plan to actually sell the game for once it's fully released?

But speaking for Night, some people truly believe without a doubt RPG MAKER is for kids and anyone trying to make a commercial game out of it is either a kid, dumb, or trying to rip people off.

The fact of the matter is those people only know the outer most layer of RPG Maker Engines and not how deep you can go into it.

I also read about how you'll have a demo for backers...which I am against. I believe you should have a demo for everyone. This would easily get you more backers if you have the demo for everyone rather than just videos of the gameplay.

By having it where you want them to back you first, it just shows you're not actually wanting people to NOT back you if they don't like the game, and with this you're more likely to get the money and then they decide the game sucks.

I believe it'll be good, but I don't agree with you only having a demo for people who actually backed the project. They are already getting stuff, the least you can do is provide a public demo for everyone.

Enhanced Battle Commands

Oh, just another update on this...

Nimufu's "Tantrum" has been changed to what was previously a tentative "limit break" (FB) type ability we came up with for her a while back but decided not to move forward with.

Seduction: Attempts to inflict Agility Down, Confuse & Curse on a single enemy. Success of infliction is dependent on the enemy's resistance to each state.

You know, each version of this thing, minus the ones already able to be cast on more than 1 person, could in-fact be do-able through a sort of 'special' ability.

To explain myself better, I'll use an example.

Say you use Tantrum so many times in a row. Each time you use it, it gains a few points, that fills in a type of bar. Once that bar is filled, you can use a thing like 'Max Tantrum' in which allows you to choose who it heals instead of yourself.

Maybe even be able to apply it to more than 1 person, but it equally divides the over all 25 points it heals, to all who it is applied to, during this 'Max Tantrum' sequence.

That was only an example, given you changed that character's ability.

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