I make and play games - playing games I use as a reward for reaching specific milestones within my various development projects. I've played a wide variety of games, having started at the tender age of three and worked my way up over the years so that, at one point, I was actually going out of my way to find the original games (cartridges, CDs, whatever) to play.

All games I elect to review must be 'Complete' status (though games still in the process of clearing out bugs are fine and will be noted in the review itself). These games must have a download on RMN (as I pass them to my Dropbox queue) and need to be self contained - everything I need to play should be in the download, without needing to install anything (including RTPs; we aren't living in the days of slow connections anymore, people). You should also have any fixes in the download, not something I have to look through the comments for - I'm going to be avoiding them like the plague until I've finished the review.

When I review a game, I try to play as much of it as I can possibly stand before posting the review - I make notes/write part of the review as I'm playing, so a lot of what goes into the review is first impressions of sections. I'm also not a stickler - things don't have to be perfect - but I've seen many examples of things not done perfectly but, at the same time, not done horribly. I rate five categories on a scale from 1 to 10: Story, Graphics, Sound, Gameplay & Pacing, and Mapping & Design. 5 is average to me, so it's not necessarily saying that category is bad - it's saying it's middle of the road. Games within the same editor are compared to one another, not games across editors (I'm not going to hold an RM2k game to the same standards as a VX Ace game due to system limitations, but I won't let it hold back the RM2k game's rating) - unless the game is part of a series across multiple editors.
Legion Saga X - Episode ...
A fan updated version of the RPG Maker 2000 classic



helper for tracking time (at the speed of plot; RMVXAce)

The major suggestion I would put out: alias your methods in DataManager. It doesn't work quite the same as alias normally does because DataManager is a module, not a class, but it can be done (see this link). It'll help compatibility quite a lot (as I personally know a lot of my projects in the past, and most likely the future, have made use of additional game objects).

LockeZ designs a boss battle for you

Currently, the lowest tier heals requires X TP to use. Her TP Builder generates 1.5X TP, letting her heal every other turn and, after the second TP Builder, heal for two turns in a row or bank that extra X TP to use towards a more powerful ability. Almost all the characters function in this fashion - their TP Builder allows them to use an additional move the next turn and using the TP Builder two turns in a row would give them resources for 3 uses of their "first tier" ability (the main character's skills have been reordered slightly so that the self-healing isn't used every other turn).

(X being some random balancing number.)

I think the Archer's quick shot will end up moved to later in the skill list (ie. not gotten until later in the game) when enemies are starting to be fast enough that it might be worth it to get a couple attacks in a row in, though it might need some tinkering.

My eventual plan is that all healing items are, for the most part, crafted. I'm tinkering with potentially going the FF13 route on healing and healing items - you heal to full after every battle (allowing every battle to be slightly more draining on resources) but healing items, by default, affect all members of the party. I've been playing FF9 lately, and realized that it hits a point where the battles can actually drain your resources pretty heavily, forcing you to rely more on items (seriously, the Burmecia portion is annoying as none of the four characters you have possess healing magic and there's enemies that can hit you for 200 damage to everyone).

Alpha build didn't go exactly as planned due to having to tinker with an old work project. As I'm building this out now, what're your thoughts: should his first action of the battle be the Summoning Ritual (making the ritual occur on turns 1 + 2X) or an attack (making the ritual occur on turns 2X)?

What are you thinking about right now?

To those wondering why you can't use PayPal with Amazon: they have Amazon Payments, which is a competing service. It's pretty much like asking why you can't use a gift card from McDonalds at a Burger King. Amazon doesn't make their commission from their payment service if you use PayPal - plus the PayPal system is notorious for having so many flaws in it, it's not funny (there's trolls who go around sending a tiny amount of money to a PayPal account, then demand a chargeback on it - and the person they sent it to has to pay fees for that chargeback).

Long story short, Kickstarter uses Amazon Payments to cover their own asses - and if you're ever a project manager on Kickstarter, you'll love that coverage.

Ponder this? A different, but interesting question.

This thread only serves to remind me people really need to comprehend the difference between our common use of the word "theory" and the scientific use of the word "theory."

LockeZ designs a boss battle for you

Depending on how some of my testing goes, I may swap her minor heal with chance to remove a status to her TP Builder; I'll try building the battle with the skills as stated and see how it plays out and if it's too tough, I can swap her skills around a bit (as I said before, she's the most open as I knew healers would be the hardest to work with using the resource system I am).

I'll be putting this together with an alpha build when I wake up - I'll let you know how it turns out and bring out comments and such based on the results.

I don't know about you all, but a Female Squall for FF8 would have been cool.

It might be a matter of perspective, but that third one, her frame (I think that's the word I'm looking for) seems a little... small.

I didn't realize they had such a wide selection of PS1 gams on the PSN Store. Totally fixes my problem of having nothing interesting to play at the moment.

Seriously, their selection is amazing - and there's almost always something decent on sale, too.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

It's a beautiful style in the minimalist sense - I'm not sure what else I can say about it.


I know it's hard with the tile set, but try to break up the straight lines a little more, particularly on the natural formations - mountains, rivers, forests, coastlines, etc. Straight lines don't occur like that in nature - for a good example on your map, look at the main continent's southeast, where the grass meets what looks like wasteland; I like the way that is for this particular tileset. Try to do things a little more that style along the coasts and forests, in particular - I'm not sure what you can accomplish with the river, as they're extremely limited given the tiles.

Can a turn-based RPG be scary?

Isn't Shadow Hearts technically the sequel to Koudelka?

It's difficult to do horror right in a turn based game, and you have to go for a much more psychological angle than direct fear induction that a lot of other games can get away with simply as a matter of style. It's almost necessary to have touch battles instead of random encounters, and having them charge at the player (most likely with some sort of creepy sound effects accompanying) is a good way to go.