I make and play games - playing games I use as a reward for reaching specific milestones within my various development projects. I've played a wide variety of games, having started at the tender age of three and worked my way up over the years so that, at one point, I was actually going out of my way to find the original games (cartridges, CDs, whatever) to play.

All games I elect to review must be 'Complete' status (though games still in the process of clearing out bugs are fine and will be noted in the review itself). These games must have a download on RMN (as I pass them to my Dropbox queue) and need to be self contained - everything I need to play should be in the download, without needing to install anything (including RTPs; we aren't living in the days of slow connections anymore, people). You should also have any fixes in the download, not something I have to look through the comments for - I'm going to be avoiding them like the plague until I've finished the review.

When I review a game, I try to play as much of it as I can possibly stand before posting the review - I make notes/write part of the review as I'm playing, so a lot of what goes into the review is first impressions of sections. I'm also not a stickler - things don't have to be perfect - but I've seen many examples of things not done perfectly but, at the same time, not done horribly. I rate five categories on a scale from 1 to 10: Story, Graphics, Sound, Gameplay & Pacing, and Mapping & Design. 5 is average to me, so it's not necessarily saying that category is bad - it's saying it's middle of the road. Games within the same editor are compared to one another, not games across editors (I'm not going to hold an RM2k game to the same standards as a VX Ace game due to system limitations, but I won't let it hold back the RM2k game's rating) - unless the game is part of a series across multiple editors.
Legion Saga X - Episode ...
A fan updated version of the RPG Maker 2000 classic



Motivation Problems

Do what you need to do, whether you want to do it or not. If you want to get something done, work on it, motivation be damned - it's not actually required to do any work, you just have to force yourself to sit down and do the work and keep focused on it.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I am one of those people playing South Park: The Stick of Truth. Even if you don't like South Park, I'd recommend looking at this from just the RPG angle of things - with a lot of game play hours already into it, I have yet to find anything mechanically off-putting about it (and if you're a fan of South Park, the story is pretty much hitting every note you'll need).

Victor animated battler troubles

... I really need to learn to properly use those brackets. Man, this forum and its ways of reading BBCode. <_<

Victor animated battler troubles

Take out the Adela Squire 1 definition - you don't need it.

If you've otherwise not changed any settings, call the file Adela Squire 1.png and it should work fine.

Edit: Just a thought - the script might not like the spaces in the name either, I don't know. I've never used it with spaces.


There's a lot of what I want to call "hard lines," but I'm not sure if that's a good description or not. The place I can point it out the easiest without actually circling them: on the top right, you have vines crawling down the cliff face; go to the rock at the bottom of them - the first one I'll point out is the shadow at the bottom or it, then look to the grass immediately below it, where that itself connects with the shorter grass tiles - there's a very visible and distinct edge of different shades. There's a couple places on the left hand of the shot at well, that look more like tiles that don't quite tile correctly, and at least one place (the tree near the top by the water) where a portion of the shadow disappears entirely and leaves a hard line.

But those aside (and the only detractions I can find are the hard lines, and only because I was drawn to them immediately), it's damned gorgeous.

Help changing sprites

Use two pages in an event.

The first page has no conditions, but has the rock sprite. It also contains all the interaction code - and after you complete the action of blowing up the rocks, you flip a switch (if you're just using a single tile worth of rocks and are using a Maker with the option, you can use a self switch; otherwise, you'll need to use a regular switch/variable here). If you have access to the option (called priority in a lot of Makers), set this page as the same level as character.

The second page has no sprite, no code at all, just a condition to show if the switch/variable you used on the face page is activated.

Some pretty basic switch/variable usage.

is officially a failure. Fancy making a game in a couple of hours and submitting it to the hbg contest? Highly likely to win. I extended the deadline to 23:59 in the last timezone just in case that's why nobody's submitting, so you have like 14 hours.

Lol I never heard of it. :P

Please tell me this is sacrasm? It's up there on that banner at the top of the forums, and has been for well over a month.

It's sad to hear no one's submitted. =/ I didn't have anything to submit due to personal distractions, but I kinda wish I did have time to put things together.

Playing FF6, GBA version. Good-bye gam mak. ;_;

You can finish it in one day! Who needs to sleep? >_>

Is there a FFT recruitment script (request/question)

If you want to have an unlimited number of potential recruits, you'll probably need at least one piece of scripting to keep adding characters to the "database" (I put it in quotation marks because technically you're not editing the database on the fly, just the variable that stores the information). And because of the nature of a dynamic database, you'll also probably need a piece of script to keep calling the Change Name and possibly the list of existing characters.

Ragnarok Began Yesterday!

To be fair, Ragnarok technically doesn't destroy the world - if everything goes exactly as planned, the "good" guys triumph at great cost, the world is reborn anew, and life goes on... Only for it all to happen all over again when the cycle closes once more. It could happen and, from a mortal perspective, we might never see it or really comprehend it's occurrence.
Kinda like the Mayan calendar probably did happen, but its effects were subtle.

The World May Have Already Ended.


It ain't over until the fat lady sings.

The Mayan calendar did cycle over - it was just never the end of the world, just the end of an era within their calendar. One of their city-state's kings proclaimed he'd be reborn at a time that falls into approximately the 2300s (2360ish, if I recall the math). There were just a few people that latched onto the "end of the world" style to it because the form we're familiar with is actually a shortened form - there's several more layers deep on it yet to roll through; the actual end of their calendar runs pretty close to the time some scientists predict as the end of the universe - pretty neat mathematically.