I may be paranoid, but not an android.
A period RPG set during a time similar to the "Age of Sail."




I really don't understand why you're showing the evolution of this town when you already have the complete version. Anyway, looks good (the complete version that is).

Update: New Characters, More Screens

@Rando: I haven't touched this in months before a few weeks ago, but I should be making steady progress now that I have some free time.

@Neophyte: I knew somebody was going to ask that sooner or later. To tell the truth I'm actually having trouble deciding on how I should approach battles. Battles aren't the main focus of this game, so I want them to be simplle, yet at the same time not boring. So, yeah, but I'm almost finished with the Ship Battle System (the first one at least) so the next screen I put up will definitely be of that.


Thx! Those barrels always did bug me. Point taken, I will change them.


YDS is correct. It's a ship in a bottle.


Whoaaaa, that was quick... Thx :)


Thx, digital & Strangeluv. And to be honest, Strangeluv, I gained some inspiration for this from the pirate part of A Home Far Away.

Hiatus is Over

Lol, thats good to know. But the baby will have four retired grandparents who don't know it, but can't wait to babysit! That has to be worth something in rpgmaker time, right?


Yeah, I noticed that a while back when I redid the message layout, and reformatted the dialog, but thanks anyway!

Ruptured Souls

I liked this game, it reminded me of Clock Tower.


He's talking about the tree on bottom-right, the left side of it is cutoff.