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A period RPG set during a time similar to the "Age of Sail."



A Brief Flashback.

Thanks, but it wouldn't have been possible without alterego's, er, Alter Ego's help, so big props to him.

A Brief Flashback.

I took alterego's advice and got rid of the lightning pic. And here's a gif to show the end result:

I don't know why it's playing so slow, but you get the idea. As for the rocks, I'm probably just going to remove them.

A Brief Flashback.

That's exactly where I found it, NB. And, Strangeluv, if you can find a better .wav of a girl screaming, send it to me! For that one all I did was raise the pitch on a woman screaming.

Story of Innocence Review

Yeah, I think that's why it keeps crashing. Did you find a way to fix it for your game?


That is one sweet-lookin' bear!

Story of Innocence Review

*Double post*

Story of Innocence Review

Skarven definitely wanted Lyanna as a sex doll LOL. Thanks for playing, PsY. I'm American and my English isn't that good, so I heard you loud and clear. To address some things you mentioned: I agree that most the poses are a little awkward-looking. They were meant as placeholders, but I forgot to refine them, and just moved on to the next time. If I continue this, I'll make sure the animations are smoother. One thing I'm curious to know if whether or not the game crashed during the Character Development tutorial. Assuming you didn't just skip it. Thank you for the review.

Story of Innocence Review

Thanks for the review! I'm really surprised at the good feedback I'm getting from the game's initial story (with I admit could be better). I'm seriously leaning towards continuing this, hell I'm at the point where I'd forsake a couple of hours of sleep if I can work on both this and Raciela.

P.S. The current incarnation dates back to '08, but this demo was finished in Jan '09.


This is from Final Fantasy Tactics:

Judging from your edit of Deneb, you should have no problem turning that into a bear.

Story of Innocence

Ugh, I really wished I would've tested this out more myself. Anyway, if you backtrack to Juyo, you can get the chests you couldn't get as Lyanna. Also, in Juyo and the campsite in the Rocky Sands, you can use the Oasis to fully heal yourself. The battles start off hard, but once you upgrade your stats, they become easier. Speaking of upgrading stats, decline the tutorial when it pops up. It crashes the game for some people.