I may be paranoid, but not an android.
A period RPG set during a time similar to the "Age of Sail."



The Ship is Sinking...

Sorry about that. Fixed.

New Demo Release

Sweet, I thought this was canceled. I'll play and let you know my thoughts either here, or on your blog.

Giving Feedback: Pass or Fail

Yeah, I kind of half-expected it to fail since it's pretty much a story-heavy demo. When I submitted it I was like "Oh shit! Creation hates long intros!" but I thought it was good enough to keep the player interested (and still do). I just think it would be hard to give the player immediate control in Lyanna's story, considering some things had to be explained beforehand, but Fiona's will get to the point much quicker. However, I learned a lot from the mini-review, and I will take what was said into consideration moving forward. Thanks for the taking the time to play, Creation, I'll probably shorten some things and resubmit so you can at least make it to a few battles.

And to clear a few things up: in the intro the Storyteller said "Conceive" not "Convince." And it wasn't "human with an 'e'" it was "Humane," pronounced "Hue-Main." Not to sound condescending, just didn't know if you knew or not.

RMN Closing Down April 2nd

What ever will become of the Misaos... ?

Giving Feedback: Pass or Fail

This seems cool, one can never receive enough feedback.

7 Years War

I'm in awe of what I see.

Liberated Arms(remake)

I'm a sucker for Suikoden-type games, so I look forward to playing this.

UPDATE 1: An Intro, and a Video of...an Intro

Don't you realize that you just putting every point in AGI will make an unbeatable party? =P
Just make a static agi for everyone and then let them increase the other stats!

Yeah, I had the same problem with SOI and that's what I did.

UPDATE 1: An Intro, and a Video of...an Intro

This is awesome! Definitely subscribed!


I've finalized the intro + a few extra scenes:

I'm satisfied with the end result, now I can move on to other things.