I may be paranoid, but not an android.
A period RPG set during a time similar to the "Age of Sail."



Wondering if I Should Continue This

I forgot to tell people to just say "No" when the tutorial pops up.


Yeah, it's just a picture rotating 360 degrees.

Story of Innocence

Hey, Link, Thanks for trying it out. As I said in my original blog post, I wanted it beta-tested before I released the demo (as I haven't touched it in two years), but I decided to release the demo anyway and let the beta-testing occur naturally. That said, I agree with everything you mentioned about the battles, and I'm glad you pointed out a few continuity errors I've overlooked. And I was certain I fixed that event reference error... Anyway, If I decide to continue this I'll definitely make sure the battles are more balanced.

And Sandoria is a coincidence, honestly! I just put "sand" in front of country Doria in Eternal Star. lol

Story of Innocence Review

Thanks for the favorable review, and I'm glad you enjoyed what little there was. I know the demo was a little rough around the edges, but I haven't touched it in a long time. That is,until I received your initial feedback. Since then, I tried to change some of the things you mentioned. I believe I spotted all the spelling errors (a brain fart on my part), but I may have missed a few. As for the battle mechanics, I probably won't change them until I get a more general census. That said, I did reduce the stats for the monsters, and the game-breaking power of "Stealth Strike" for the demo I've uploaded (which is still pending). Anyway, thanks again for the review, and rest assured that place you didn't get a chance to explore will have puzzles in it.



Star Ocean


Everything except the characters in a panorama, which explains the color lost.

Wondering if I Should Continue This

Well I decided to listen to NB and just upload the demo, and let the chips fall where they may.

@Liberty: I already know you want me to finish this. ;)

Wondering if I Should Continue This

I forgot to mention that this wouldn't interfere with me working on Raciela. As hectic as my life is right, I'm trying to find time to work on both, if possible.


@Strangeluv: I doubt that, I'm not trying to do anything ground breaking (gameplay-wise), I'm hoping to just tell a story. But I appreciate the enthusiasm.

@WIP: Ha, to tell the truth - no - which is why I said this is still a WIP. I want the intro to sync up with the music, so I'm planing to make more scenes to cut back on the redundant credits.