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Trying something real quick...

Downtime Tuesday, May 20th @ 6PM CDT *Done*

As you may have noticed there seems to be an issue with posting new forum topics. When creating new topics the site is not responding in a timely fashion which causes users to think their topic was not posted and leads to double and triple posting.

I'm going to take the site down tomorrow night @ around 6PM CDT. I'm not sure how long the site will be down for, but I'll try to keep the downtime short. I will be updating the server, rebooting and possibly moving the site to the latest branch of Python 2.x as well as the latest security release for the version of Django we are on. If I have time, I'll test this on our development server (which is NOT having this issue, oddly enough).

In the meantime, be patient when posting new forum topics. Your topic will post. Just let it timeout. Don't refresh the page, go to the main page or the root of the forums instead.


More testing