The "new" RM2k3 engine

To be fair, RM2k3 sped up the ATB bars which makes games made in it much more playable while RT2k3[...]
To be fair, the ATB speed is just a minor problem. There are still a lot of bugs which make RM2k3 games much less playable while RT2k3 already had fixed those issues ages ago. All this is (for the customers) may just be a (somewhat poor) first impression on RM2k3, seeing as those things might be repaired eventually.

What's preventing those things to fix itself would be the EULA (as is) . "Stuff" might have happened sooner but dealing with more people pissing in your general direction is a pain.

The new EULA is still brewing from what I hear. So don't have too rough a tone with each other, peoples of the RMN... mak com... thing.
Here's hoping that "That problem can be fixed." will substitute the "Degica tech support here: we can't fix that problem".

People aren't complaining about "why am not allowed to sell pirate" but rather about some of the reasons the 2k3 flopped commercially in japan (it was off the shelves soon(-ish) after its initial release) and the same reasons there's still somewhat of an interest in 2k3 nowadays: expandability for something the owners of the software can't modify anymore without having to remake it from scratch.

Yes, it's illegal to steal a car sitting in a garage collecting dust because it stabs you in the butt from below the seat when you drive. Don't make it sound like modding, a.k.a removing the knife-stabbing-mechanism, is such a bad idea. Illegal, but less shit (in layman's terms). And it looks like that has (or will have) made it all the way into an official release.
Actually, vanilla 2k3 is more akin to having the exhaust lead back inside the car. You can roll down the windows and try to ignore the problem, so whatever, great "solution".

Time will tell what 2k3 will turn into.
Or just stay with VXP, which is far better in terms of adding features to the game, yet worse in performance speed and has a user interface that is an insult to user-friendliness. Yes, go download dozens of Yanfly scripts to fix things like "Oh, you want to set a variable in the debug menu - well, have only an option to +|- 1 or 10 that thing!" and think of it not as modding but yet another necessity.

[RM2K3] [DynRPG] Simulate Keypress

But... key bindings

void onInitFinished() {
( *reinterpret_cast<int ***> (0x4CDAEC) )[0][40] = 1;

There's about 4 unused/free key bindings for the [OK] keys.
32-39: Decision
32 = space
33 = return / enter
34 = none (for some reason)
35 = Z
36 = none
37 = none
38 = none
39 = none

The official English 2k3 version is out!

Does anyone know the formula?
It's weird how - after a dozen of years - nobody seems to really know how hit rates actually work in 2k3.
No breakdown of the whole formula for now, only what applies to "[row] affecting battle":

First off: forget Skills for a moment (until there's a fix). Due to missing UI elements it is rather broken.
delete a Skill -> create a new one -> AGI (and conditions lowering hit%) will be ignored on that skill
Also due to a bug feature, if the attacker (physical or skill) is way faster then its target, the calculated accuracy won't go below 50% (calculation only involes AGI, weapon hit% and lowered hit% due to conditions). (might be useful. might not)

"hit rate" mentioned below is subtracted from calculated accuracy (from AGI, weapon hit% and condition hit%) and is not a multiplier.
(-25% hit rate (for attacks and skills) if Target wears one or more "increase evasion" equipment)

[Row] effects on hit rate for Actors:
-25% hit rate when Target in back row (back attack encounters are broken due to an oversight/bug)
-25% hit rate when surround attacking the Enemies (also a bug of sorts)

[Row] effects on hit rate for Monsters:
-25% hit rate when Target in back row
-25% hit rate when being surround attacked

[Row] effects on damage for Actors:
+25% damage dealt if User in front row
-25% damage dealt if Target in back row (back attacks are broken due to an oversight/bug when enemies are considered in back row)
row has no effect when surround attacking the Enemies

[Row] effects on damage for Monsters:
+25% damage dealt if User in front row (if User is of type 'Actor' *)
-25% damage dealt if Target in back row

*It's in the damage calculation, but never gets applied since Enemies are not of type 'Actor'. Either copy pasta or dummied out features.

also seemed to change how often the character was targeted
Row position isn't considered by the AI at all. Enemies choose targets completely randomly.
There's no formula for "likelihood of being attacked because front row", as far as I know.

IF enemy AI was more like the AI of randomly acting Actors, you might say that they prioritize targets in the front row, because they are more hurt after several attacks (a higher "ratio of potential damage relative to the current HP of a monster" is slightly prioritized).

[RM2K3][RM2K] Battle Self-destruction formula? [SOLVED]

I made a mistake. It's 200% DMG of normal attacks:
selfdestruct DMG = [1/1]STR(user) - [1/2]DEF(target) +|- 20% variance
normal attack DMG = [1/2]STR(user) - [1/4]DEF(target) +|- 20% variance

Remaining HP does not matter. Status is set to 'not in battle' / escaped / hidden.
(You can actually get those monsters back into battle with that event command that shows (right click'd) hidden monsters).

Whatever Ghabry got should be on point, though.

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Just a small update:

download DirectMenuPatch(fix)
Fixes some issues with using a Skill on the party and not returning into the proper skill menu.

download 32bit(fix)
There were visual glitches when showing the screen with 'FadeIn'. Emphasis on were.
edit: no, still no compatibility with stuff that expects the application to run with a 15bit image buffer.

The official English 2k3 version is out!

What? All of a sudden people want waiting times in 2k3's battle. [Brian intensifies]

I was actually refering to [...] messing with the alignment of the information in the default menu.
Sorry, didn't mean to offend you.
Also I may or may not have miscalculated how hard it is to open an additional prompt (when clicking the <Call Menu> command) that asks for the menu that should be opened (or which hero's / hero by variable) and linking that to proper event parameters.

Because that is one of the funniest parts of making a game
Somewhat, yeah. A lot of things are made this way.
It sucked when I scrapped more than a dozen hours of eventing when I just changed 2 bytes in the code (which didn't even take 10 seconds). And the (less than) 10 second procedure resulted in far less bugs and better performance.

The official English 2k3 version is out!

Dude, why do not you ask Cherry to make your game for you with a patch? lol
Dude, (or Gal, I don't care what gender you are) he asked for something that is fairly easy to implement. I linked it as DirectMenuPatch once before. It didn't even break the default menu unlike the other item menu calling patches.

If something works (e.g. 2k3's item menu and item sorting), why does one have to ignore it and replace it by mashing together hundreds of lines of event commands, just because you tell yourself 'there are limits'?
I'm not saying "use patches", I'm asking why similar stuff can't be implemented in official releases.

Fixing the Battle you say? It would need several organ transplants, not just some bandages.

No, this is unpatched vanilla.
ATB was sped up for the sake of recording. Because I don't like to sit around waiting.

The official English 2k3 version is out!

Where did they state it?
recent staff statement A
recent staff statement B
recent staff statement C
recent staff statement D
Neither quoting the EULA nor quoting Enterbrain.

They're doing their job.
Even if implying they can't add anything to the product that customers ask for, or can't fix bugs sounds like they are doing a shitty job.

Some severe issues and bugs with version 1.09 couldn't have been tracked down and solutions for it identified without a breach of the EULA.

e.g. even small things like monitoring if Alt+Tab was pressed (can't find the post) isn't necessary because
mov eax, ds:off_4CDE78
mov eax, [eax]
cmp byte ptr [eax+9Dh],0
already tracks if the game application is out of focus. knowing that, there's at least one simple solution to fix the current Alt+Tab issue.

The official English 2k3 version is out!

You should totally name your kid Bugmenot.
That sounds like a shitty name. Hope he makes something out of that name, though.

anyone who can find a way to get rid of that row command!
Unfortunately my hands are tied regarding the official re-release of RM2k3 1.10

Regarding modifications, RMW staff basically stated that "if it's not released by us or does not use tools released by us, it's a no-go". That or they've read a different EULA than the one Cherry stated.
It's a world of license agreements, limitations and stick-up-the-assery.

Even if users have a problem with some aspects of the product (e.g. the captions in the Status Screen are in english, and look stupid if everything else is in spanish or anything else), even if the solution would be really simple, official customer support will not be able to help you in any way.

Well, at least their moderators try to give you up to 3 possible solutions that they did not bother to double-check if they even work (spoiler: they didn't work).

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

When a skill in-/decreased DEF or INT on a hero, the effect was doubled for some reason.

RPG_RT2k3 v1.09:
0xAD881 set [90 90 90 8B]
0xAD903 set [90 90 90 8B]