+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

edit: (05/05/2015)
download 32bit(fix)

Smooth color gradients.

Fixed for DynRPG. Download it again.
Seems like it does not work yet with plugins that show any kind of image.
So... work in progress. For an indefinite amount of time.

[RM2K3] Lag on Win 8.1

For the Lag download this http://share.cherrytree.at/showfile-16845/antilag_slow_.rar
By Bugmenot

It is the newest one so far... that is still in development.
I can't guarantee that it won't break some of the events and scripts. So you would have to look (or let others look = quality assurance, open beta) if there is something in the game that is not behaving as it should.

Just a heads up.
The lessened strain on the computer's processor might be worth it, though.

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

You're right. None of the windows got terminated (whether transparent or not).
This also gets rid of that cursor pointing to a Hero that's ready. Some plugins might have to be updated to clear additional HUD elements.

download BattleEndBugFix

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Damage over own Time
download DooT(2k3)

Conditions that in-/decrease HP/MP each turn don't take effect after each turn done by anyone in battle anymore, but rather after a turn done by the hero/monster that is afflicted with said condition.

When someone is blocking an attack and is still getting damaged... then that someone is doing a terrible job at blocking.

download GuardRevamp

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

download AnimationBugFix

Skill animations are displayed correctly when using SkillScroll and InvokeSkill. Before, damage was displayed when the animation was still playing or the enemy could die at the same time.

How can I set the minimum damage dealt in battles to 1 instead of 0? [RPGM2k3]


Mine's different in 58 bytes for some reason (it's about 4 months old as well). I never changed it after that issue with the # was fixed... as far as I remember. Some people kept bugging me about that same issue.

How can I set the minimum damage dealt in battles to 1 instead of 0? [RPGM2k3]

BugFix (12/01/2014)

Get DynRPG 0.20 and put the above quote below the [QuickPatches] section in the DynRPG.ini

There's still an issue with writing 4 Byte numbers (a windows thing?), so you should better convert it:

Put the number into the rightmost box next to the 'big-endian' and take the left box next to the 'little-endian' and put that number (should be 8 digits) instead of the #Number.

15000 converted into little-endian hex is 983A0000
So instead of
you end up with

[RM2K3] Variable IDs past 5000?

They are unnamed and the array of existing variables should widen... dunno how it's supposed to slow your game down if there are more than 100.000 variables.

You actually only need to launch your game once with RM2k9, set the array size of variables/switches to whatever and you're done. The limitation is saved in the .ldb database file, so you can use your non-RM2k9 to do stuff (in case of unfamiliarity with RM2k9), name/rename stuff outside of that wordpad document.

[RM2K3] Variable IDs past 5000?

how to do this manually
<> Change Variable: [0001] = 8000
<> Change Variable: [V[0001]] = 1
The word you are looking for is 'variable reference' (a.k.a. pointer)

Or just launch your game via Cherry's RM2k9

Those array limitations are just some editor thing. The game itself can handle far more than you think it's allowed to.

Battle Layout with player facing right: is it possible? [RpgMaker2003]

Hope that's something into the... right direction:


Get DynRPG 0.20 and put the above quote below the [QuickPatches] section in the DynRPG.ini

For manual character and monster placement. Surround battles don't really work.
Do not flip images and do not place your characters on the left side of the battle screen.

^ That up there was me working while dead tired, just to prove 3 or 4 people wrong. If it's not doing what you want it to, I'll change it.

Or ask PepsiOtaku for a plugin that let's you specifically define placement and facing right/left of monsters and heroes mid-game. Though, the game object RPG::BattleParameters (**reinterpret_cast[...]*> **>(0x4CDD38)) seems to be absent, so... it's hard to determine which encounter type was launched.