[RM2K3] Easy way to show small dialogue boxes in DBS?

without [...] something way more complicated

The simple answer:

Multiples of 16 for additional lines, max.= %127

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EDIT: I tested the latest update to RPS[+] and it didn't actually seem to solve the absorption issue.
Let me guess: regular attack with a weapon, the attribute in question is of type physical/weapon? I missed that one. (if it's not this, don't bother downloading version something something B)
download RPS[+]

They are not waking up because the AttackSkill(?) has zero AtkInfluence. There's a (AtkInf)x9.09% chance of even considering that "condition cured by damage" chance.

This might be solvable with the stuff that's already there:
Skill: Attack(Ghost)
AtkInf > 0 (chance to cure sleep)
IntInf = x (damage mainly based on INT)
%3 (Reflect)
%4 (Evade)
%5 (Name)
%12 (deal minimum damage to kill the target eventually, unless the target's immune for some reason)

%2GhostPierce (Pierce) [A] = 1000 (ignore DEF of the target, AtkInf has a small effect on damage if STR of the caster is low)

download DBX.ini
(Delimit attribute name length. More room to put short descriptions.)

not enough slots to add Flee
Do you have a basic SkillTracker plugin? Just set RPG::BasicAction = BA_ESCAPE, no?

Or if you did not remove the Fight|Auto|Escape window:

Escape not allowed if "no escape allowed" and no stupid "you/the enemy already made a turn, so no escape for you". Escape not allowed if surrounded by enemies.

...an update to (**reinterpret_cast<long ***> (0x4CDD38)) [37] //EncounterType (0|1|2|3|4 = Normal|Initiative|BackAttack|Surround|Pincer)
might help if all enemies' x-Pos is left/right of everyone in the player's party (opening up an escape route)

But because defense was high you wouldn't even lose properly, and zero damage was taken
Automatic game over after x amount of turns?
'ghost made a scary face'
'you shit your pants'
'you died'

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How about now?
download RPS[+]

Though the word "Immune" will pop up if the (normally absorbed) damage is calculated as being zero (due to too high of a DEF value).

And the DamageCapper QuickPatch does not work with absorbtion being 0. If you don't remove that QuickPatch, it will do the minimum damage instead of healing 0 HP.

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Sorry, I did not notice that I had a %12 weapon equipped when testing whether or not Skills work with %12. As a result I overlooked that ActionKind is AK_NONE when damage is applied and displayed / tested for weapon stats in all cases.

Fixed that:
download RPS[+]

it would deal 1 damage on a target
I forgot to tell the DmgCapper QuickPatch to consider negative values.

Fixed that:
... replace the lines DmgCapper, minDMG, maxDMG with those.

In case something does not seem to work with it, try replacing the #numbers with hexadecimals:
Put the number into the rightmost box next to the 'big-endian' and take the left box next to the 'little-endian' and put that number behind the comma
e.g. DmgCapper(max)=446E3C,0F270000

(Or use windows calculator -> hold alt+3)

Hmmm... the sequence in which damage is calculated is:

-calculate BaseDmg + RowBonus
-variance on regular/physical attacks
-min/max DmgCapper (QuickPatch, general purpose / on all kinds of attacks/skills)
-check for immunity (RPS[+], will overwrite min/max DmgCapper)
-%12 (Damage Cap) (RPS[+], will not overwrite immunity or damage below zero resulting from previous steps)

[RM2K3] An accessory keeps removing itself in this event I'm making...

You... you would have to make the same thing for all other pieces of equipment that the person/animal has worn, as well. Adding more possibilities for errors, creating complications when equipment does depend on JobClasses and so on.

Here's a fix:
download ClassChangeEquipFix

I like the fact that nobody noticed that all equipment gets un-equipped when using the <ChangeJobClass> command ...

Also: what's up with all those 0.0 waits? They fix nothing.
They only give the computer's CPU some time to catch up if stuff was flat out screwed up, like tons of event updates and tons of events on-map (but there's fixes for that already).

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I'm currently busy with something else. i might take a look at it when I've got time.

Do you both have - by chance - any attributes on those Skills checked that have higher DamageMultipliers than zero/below zero on the enemy's resistance? (except %Attributes, their DamageMultipliers are ignored (unless I damaged something))

Here's a fix:
download ClassChangeEquipFix

I like the fact that nobody noticed that all equipment gets un-equipped when using the <ChangeJobClass> command ...

[RM2K3] Game crash when using items in combat

I run RM2K3 with these scripts/plugins:
So there's a normal_skill_window_duration.hpa? ...

Try putting this into the DynPatches folder:
download Item(HPA)Fix - RPG_RT2k3 v1.08.ips

(Only if there is no normal_skill_window_duration.ips anywhere to be deleted)

Or patch it manually with LunarIPS

[RM2K3] Game crash when using items in combat


remove that patch.

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status condition pose for a hero may not update immediately.
download StatusAnimationFix[+]

Is it still impossible?
impossible with DynRPG (for now).
No callbacks on damage calculation = no fancy custom formulas, that's what was said.

Try this:
download RPS[+]
%12 (Damage Cap)
-> min.DMG = [A] (doesn't overwrite Immunity or damage below zero)
-> max.DMG = [B] (set [B] = 0 to not use a max.Cap)

download DBX.ini
(For RM2k9. To set higher DmgMul[A|B|C|D|E] for Attributes.)

Also, I may want a patch/plugin that turns certain switches ON when the game starts.
Insufficient information.
A plugin that distinguishes whether or not a game was loaded / game session is restarted?

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Does this do something:

download StatusAnimationFix[+]?

This should force the Hero to move back if he/she is not where she/he started at, when any Condition is in effect.

If not, it might help sending me a RPG_RT.ldb with just that battle event that 'successfully' gets the Hero stuck.

I can't really recreate the sequence in which you applied the change of Conditions. Might be because I don't know jack about RPG Maker, heh.