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download StatusAnimationFix

Inflicting a status unto the caster of a Skill or having such a Skill reflected back to you, and the hero just gets stuck while moving or warps back in a single frame? Try this.

edit (11/18/2014):
new version:

download StatusAnimationFix[+]

This replaces the older patch above (SAF.ips)
This moves the Hero back properly if a status is inflicted (or equipment is changed) mid-movement.

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Here's one with a better "Miss!" detection:

download RPS[+]

"Miss!" won't be displayed if a Skill does not try to change any parameters of its target. "Miss!" will be displayed if a change of Conditions or Attribute resistances was tried and failed.

Only Skill's success rate will be considered if Skill_ID >= 2

Or use a Skill_ID range in which evasion calculation is allowed:
If the desired Skill_IDs are higher than %127 (there just wasn't enough room to fit 32bit values into the earlier versions... something about wasting space)

@below me:
AND it'll display Miss if a status or element outright misses (i.e. Poison failed to stick to a target)?
That's what the default already did.
I just removed "Miss!" for those Skills that effectively do nothing that you can set in the Skill tab (do damage to HP/MP, inflict/cure conditions, and so on). This is for special abilities that need a target, such as "Steal" or "Scan" or some sort of diagnostic Skill ... a "Miss!" just irritates the player.

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My humblest apologies. I typo'd somewhere.

download RPS[+]

Skill subsets should work normally now.

Also: this displays the word "Immune" if Attribute resistances would result in zero damage. And if a Skill does not affect any stats (HP/MP/Str/Def/Int/Agi) the word "Miss!" will not be displayed (useful for "Steal" abilities and such).

New question: With the %1 attribute tag, is the accuracy of physical skills affected by AGI at all, or just row position and armor evasion?
It calculates with AGI as long as it is not of evasion type 4 (see SkillAccuracyFix or new project with Skill #5). -25% hit chance if an enemy hits someone in the back row.
Do you perhaps have a weapon equipped that ignores evasion? That trait carries over to Skills.

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Perhaps they are correct?

How about sending me a RPG_RT.ldb (database file) with that Skill and the test battle setup?
Do you have any plugins active that manipulate the row someone's in?

Anybody else experiencing problems with %1?

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download RPS[+]

Fixed that problem with enemy attacks.

Still not sure what the problem with Skills is, though.

Regarding a change of damage formulas: do you have any non-ambiguous suggestions?

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@ %16
Though I can make a seperate patch for that when I find some time for it.

@ %17
Please clarify exactly how the status should affect the attack/Skill.
You can test for status conditions and learn/unlearn Skills manually.

@ %5
It reads "kick" not "GIGA DRILL KICK!". %5 is for stuff that just isn't worth calling a spell. Or see a few posts ago: just to add elemental properties to an enemy's attack and to make it look like just a normal attack. ... or for when it's possible to cue up Skills for a combo.

I was wondering if the damage formulas for both regular attacks and skills could still be changed
"Could be changed", yes.
"Will be changed", if it means I have to make it possible for everyone to input custom formulas with as many operands and parameters the user wants and that the formula can be written into a .txt file? Hell no.
That's were an access by DynRPG to right after the damage was calculated would be better and/or more appropriate. So that the original damage value can be replaced with something that can pull from different calculations.

the addresses being modified here weren't being accessed elsewhere
They shouldn't be.

No, the skills actually aren't working as intended
The damage isn't working? Or the accuracy? What's your setup? (checked Attributes on Skills / patches / QuickPatches)

I cannot pinpoint the issue because it is working on my end.

Do you have a working 0.20 Dynloader?

%1 is not intended for support Skills (targetting user/own party)

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The names have to start with that %#.
Whatever's after that can be used as descriptions (%6ATB+20; %6ATB+40). It does not matter what Attribute_ID your %# have (unless you use %6ATB+20 and %6ATB+40 at the same time on the same Skill/Weapon ... then the one with the lower Attribute_ID gets picked, so: no mixing).

Having %# will not matter in calculating damage by all that Physical/Magic Attribute bonus shmucks. Neither will it hinder you to use a Skill if no weapon has the Attribute to fulfill that requisite.

Whatever effects are stated as [Attack] in the readme apply only to regular attacks with a weapon. Whatever is stated as [Skills] will apply to Skills.

That %5 is for stuff like Enemies that have blunt-type weapons or piercing weapons and you want the Skills to look like the Enemies are just attacking regularly. Or a burning lizard slashing with its burning claws, whacking with its tail, biting, pumping its strength up by burning more rigorously having +50 ATB gain and that %9Switch cause him to wreck havoc in half a turn so you know you have to act fast (water spells activating a switch that sets the switch set by the enemy with %9 to OFF so the behavior doesn't trigger)
Or whatever.

Or %5 for a SkillSubset with martial-artsy attacks and you don't want to have your Hero shout "KICK!", "UPPERCUT!", "FOCUS!" every. single. time.

You don't have to use them. The first few are specific to RPS or the PhysDamageFix. I posted similar damage revamps for unaltered code (which is - of course - in a different place in RPS[+]), so the people that still want to use them won't have to sit through their games crashing.

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Demo? Is it as un-intuitive as you say?

Aaand it's done. I'm tired, so yeah. Slow.

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Well, this might get rid of a few issues:

download RPS[+]

RPS[+] is introducing %Attribute tagging. This can add a few effects to weapons and Skills. (tracking which and when a weapon was used, if it hit or not; weapons that can hit ghosts; proper ranged weapons; weapons that ignore defense; Skills that can be perfectly concealed as regular attacks (with different BattleAnimations!); Skills that ignore reflection; support Skills(Items) that can be used without wasting too much time; and so on)

%1 (Row)
-> Hit% and Dmg% not affected by Row
-> no damage reduction if target is in back Row
-> Hit% and Dmg% ARE affected by Row
-> -25% Dmg if target is in back Row

%2 (Pierce)
-> ignores the DEF of the target
-> target suffers more damage the higher its DEF is
-> adds "DEF x AtkInfl / [A]" to the damage (instead of subtracting it)

%3 (Reflect)
-> Skills ignore a target's "reflect Skills" condition

%4 (Evade)
-> attacks ignore a target's "evade all attacks" condition
-> Skills miss if the target has an "evade all attacks" condition

%5 (Name)
-> the Window with the Skill's name (when casting it) is not shown

%6 (Fast)
-> user gains [A]% of his/her ATB gauge after attacking (even on "MISS")

%7 (Slow)
-> user loses [A]% of his/her ATB gauge after attacking (even on "MISS")
-> uses negative ATB values (the ATB bar just takes longer to fill up)

%8 (Delay)
-> target loses [A]% of its ATB after a successfull hit

%9 (Switch(A))
-> Switch = ON, before the attack/Skill is executed (even on "MISS")
-> Switch_ID can be changed in Item/Skill type 'Switch'
NOTE: BattleEventTriggers go off AFTER the Animation has played its last frame

%10 (Switch(B))
-> Switch [A] is set to ON after a successful hit
-> Switch_ID can be set in DmgMultiplier[A]

%11 (Switch(C))
-> Switch [A] is set to ON after the attack misses
-> Switch_ID can be set in DmgMultiplier[A]

Is there a way to make skills count as basic attacks?

Tagging it with %1, %3, %4, %5 should do the trick. (Atk Influence = 10, Int Influence = 0, Variance = 10*, 90% HitChance for Monsters (70% if "often misses") and don't forget the SkillAccuracyFix (or copy&paste stuff manually))
*or whatever you had the inverted variance set to in the QuickPatches

Tried to go for stuff that is not/hardly possible with DynRPG... I failed at most of those, I guess.

This is still on my to-do-list:
%12 (Animation) = replace a Battler with an Animation when casting a Skill (the same thing was done for weapons, but not for Skills)
%13 (HP Cost) = SMT styled spending of HP instead of / in addition to MP
%14 (Percentage) = effects in relation to the current or total of the targetted HP/MP/...
%15 (Convert) = get part of the caused HP damage back as MP (probably accounting for overkill damage)

Some of those sound contra-productive ('cause possible with proper Skill-tracking plugins) or just silly ... so there's still time to tell me it is a bad idea.
As I said: with a proper callback on damage calculation... other people would be able to waste their time. For science, or so.

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For Skills between ID 1 and 2. And it's not limited to a max.ID of %127.

By allowing evasion, you mean the status "evade attacks", right?
Let's say
So Skills with an ID of 62 and below or 251 and above will just go by the Skill's success rate that was set in the Skill tab. Anything between the range will (on top of the Skill's succes rate) account for the user's AGI, target's AGI, changed hit rate from conditions (such as blind) and whether or not the target wears at least on piece of equipment with "increased evasion" (-25% hit rate).