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I don't want to allow some hero party physical skills that cost a lot to use to possibly miss.

It could go by Int influence instead of Atk influence. Or Variance, Switch_ID, BAnimation_ID, SwitchSkillActivation (Field/Battle), a certain EffectRating, ... SkillType sounds reasonable, too (see BattleCommands of type SkillSubset).

Or allow evasion if the Skill_ID is below a certain number:
Only up to a Skill_ID of %127

The easiest way to do that stuff manually would be to create a new RM2k3 project, multi-copy Skill #4 "Paralyze", it's of evasion type 4 (allow AGI evasion and blinding conditions) and Skill #5 "Volcanic Breath", it's of evasion type 1 (ignore AGI evasion and blinding conditions) (or do that from a RM2k project and set whatever the thing above the ATK influence is mistranslated as appropriately) and paste it somewhere into your own project and just copy & paste whenever you need stuff that can miss or not.

does being in the back row reduce your own attack accuracy?
The code says no. It is checking if the target is in the back row. I'm not sure if enemies are ever considered to be in the back row at any point.
edit Oh right, that's what the PDFix was getting rid of (back attacks causing enemies to be interpreted as being in the back row, further reducing your heroes' damage and accuracy).

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From what I tested, accuracy of skills will always just be based on their success rate and ignore AGI
... found the problem.

There's a parameter to Skills that is not accessible in RM2k3 anymore (that "failure message" thing). It gets reset to 'magic type evasion' (ignores AGI values and conditions (such as blind)) when deleting and creating new skills in the database.


If ATK influence is set to zero, then AGI (and blinding conditions) will be ignored (for proper magic skills). To allow evasion (based on AGI of user and target) just put the ATK influence to 1 or above.

And don't forget:
with PDFix.ips

without PDFix.ips

So hit rates don't cap out at 50% when AGI(target) / AGI(user) reaches zero.

Btw. there's a bug in the original RPS patch (I think every encounter type was considered a normal front attack). Mayhap I will have to waste my time afterall for an update.

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If anybody could elaborate on this part of the README
Basically, physical attacks with two weapons calculate damage differently for both weapons:
BaseStr (from the STR curve of the hero or job class)
+ StrDifference (from Skill effects that have Attack checked)
+ Str+ (from that <ChangeStats> event command or from stat+ Items)
+ Str(Equip) (from all worn equipment, except any kind of weapon)
+ Str(Weapon) (from the currently attacking weapon)
x ConditionStatAlteration (halving or doubling a stat when a condition is inflicted

(whereas Skills act as if both weapons are used simultaneously)

When calculating accuracy, this 'two weapon mechanic' was not applied properly to AGI.
Which means that if you had a slow weapon with -50 AGI and a secondary weapon with +200 AGI, it would cancel out the effect of the slower weapon (so both will hit with that +150 AGI). And yes, this would call for a reworking of how AGI gets handled in the game (ATB and evasion not taking a weapon's AGI into account).

No, don't use the Hit% of an Item for it, because it means it will generally miss more often instead of there being a higher chance of hitting slow enemies.
But what do I know about hit rates. Not checking if an attack was missed would be more reliable (so the developer and player can concentrate on battle mechanics instead).

would you be able to combine your PhysDamageFix patch [...] with the RowPhysSkills patch
Originally, I had planned to do that... then I realized that it's just a waste of time and space when there comes a proper callback and plugins can take care of way more than that patch does.

Hi, is it possible to give enemy's regular attacks (not skills) a damage attribute type?
Sounds like half a dozen (if not more) people are asking for that physDamage / skillDamage callback...
If that's even possible (to return a different value that swaps out the original value).

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Direct Menu Patch

This calls different sub menus - even outside of party limitations. Or to allow just the item menu (for simple adventure games) or whatever.

a way to make it so monsters deal a minimum of 1 hp damage

Oh, you want the damage to cap out in certain situations. No, what you want is impossible with DynRPG (for now).

I figured overriding the \n for Strings/Skills/Monsters would involve something like that.
That and the text in a message box are two entirely different things. Those strings and names are printed directly, not letter by letter (to pick up those \[] commands).
You could, of course, write a plugin that prints text on that menu option utilizing drawText (when it's working again). Or somehow access those strings and alter them.

Also, is there a way to add/remove attribute resist? I'd like to tie attributes to status, so removing it will make it go away.
What exactly do you mean?

mysteries of rpgmaker?

Calculated damage gets halved when defending. Halved damage gets halved once more when a Hero has that strong defense thing checked.

download GuardRevamp <<< this lets you set those percentages to something else then just 50% / 25%

Yes, it's just for the defend command.

How to remove DynRpg from my game?

when I export it I can't play it
You mean the "create gamedisk" feature next to the close and save buttons in the RPG Maker? Use WinRAR, ZIP or 7-ZIP on your game folder to get all files into something that you can then export. It's no biggie. File names will never be messed up that way, too.

Or are you exporting onto a different OS?


when I export it I can't play it. It says "dynloader.dll" could not be loaded.
There's a high chance the "dynloader.dll" is not in the (exported) project's folder.

How to remove DynRpg from my game?

First off: look at the top of your browser, below the address bar, and look into your damn Mailbox.

...so how can I disinstall the program from my game folder?

Create a new project and move the new RPG_RT.exe into that 'game folder' you mentioned, replacing the old file.

I don't really need it

So... you asked two questions and you were pleased with the half-knowledge you received, believing others that the stuff you asked for can't be done? Great...

it's causing more troubles

And what are those troubles?

[RM2K] Color palette of RM2k?

All you really need is for them to be 256 colour depth.
And hope the resulting color palette coincides with RM2k(3)'s internal 16bit palette without creating too many discolorations or messing up color gradients.

[...] or any information.
download Bananen-Joe's Destiny Patch V2
Open RPG_RT.exe. 4th option from the top (images). Check 32bit and save.
So do what Liberty said and use all them colors willy-nilly... at least with graphic utilities that are half-decent or don't already limit themself beforehand.

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

I see a DynPatches folder. Do I just move my DynPlugins into that
The .ips files. It's far easier to swap out and test patches that way.
Plugins go into the DynPlugins folder.

Do I need the SDK folder for anything at all
Not really. Unless you want to learn some C++.

"RPG_RT.exe has stopped working"
It seems it is not a good idea to patch newer versions of DynRPG onto a RPG_RT.exe that was already patched with an older version of DynRPG.

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

i don't see images with this patch
Dangit, forgot DynRPG. Thank you for reporting a bug.

edit: (05/05/2015)
download 32bit(fix)

Seems like it does not work yet with plugins that show any kind of image.
So... work in progress. For an indefinite amount of time.

I...honestly forget which the IPS patches go with now
Always RPG_RT.exe (if not told otherwise) in the game's folder. Never (if not explicitly told otherwise) try to patch the rpg2003.exe. Apparently it deletes your desktop.

Make sure you have the latest working dynloader.dll 0.20 and DynRPG 0.20

some default basic commands (like Attack, Double Attack, Defend, etc.) ended up with really weird names
Mid-game or just in the RPG maker editor thing?