Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Wings 3D, and then uvmapping in that as well. There is probably a much easier way of doing the latter than in wings but for the moment i'm trying to stick to one program as much as possible! If you've done this stuff before have you any tips? (i hunger for tips and tricks. give me all cheat code)

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I still haven't gotten the hang of UV mapping.

yeah same here! the only things i've realised that help with it are (a) automatic uv maps are generally awful and incomprehensible so its always better to take the time to CUTR SEAM or whatever the fuck manually and (b) if you set smaller sizes for the mapping then its much easier to mess around with, although i think thats what makes the one there look so blurry. give and take, you get what you deserve ~ big star..

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

first ever crude textured lowpoly 3d model whoo. needs a lot of work but i feel like i know enough now to actually have fun experimenting with this stuff! the myspace angle is because an unexpected mapping error meant he had a duplicate set of eyes on his neck (which in retrospect is pretty neat too)

What are you thinking about right now?

i drew a comic in college to cheer up a pal

Why are a lot of us dicks?

whoa im not reading 11 pages of this stuff but yes a lot of people here are dicks. I've been a dick a lot of the time and i pretty much regret it. It's easy to pass it off as being The Harsh Truth or gruff-yet-honest but I've only ever known like two people on the internet that held themselves to high enough standards and self-scrutiny that this could honestly be said to apply to them and the rest of the time it is a kind of ridiculous ego trip posturing. heh sorry if ive hurt your precious feelings kiddies, guass im just too real for this sandpit *sticks around for next four years, is basically that 15-year-old who still hangs around middleschool kids impressing them with his razor wit and metallica albums*. Also on a slightly more dickish note (he who fights monsters etc) I'd say that I don't think this community is actually smart or funny or honest enough to justify the level of boring internet snarkiness that goes on. Probably none of them are! Probably worthwhile communities are those that dispense with dumb backsniping shit entirely... or maybe theyre worthwhile because they dispense with dumb backsniping shit entirely?? hrm hrm scientists are investigating this mysterious idea.

I suspect I would disagree with Kentona on every possible issue on game design but I still would actually listen to his opinions more than those of boring generic internet douche local #4850 because he seems like an actual human being rather than a streamlined internet persona engaging in POWER STRUGGLEZ. I like the Salt World forums a lot because people actually talk about things that interest them rather than trying to score an "epic pwn" as the kids say with a carefully deployed "cool story bro" or image macro.

Space Funeral

The mummies are not my doing and are in fact result of a mysterious database virus uploaded to by a mysterious figure known only as, "Beast". To this day we have recieved little knowledge on the motives or whereabouts of "Beast"... his real name remains unknown.... police analysing this powerful virus have said that it uses a high-tech military software which is impossible to guard against... please remember my tale and be extremely cautious about this dangerous figure!

God bless the games...

is there really a life after games... can you really call it "living"...

also i still haven't finished A Home Far Away but i liked how between that game and this one you seemed to be deliberately trying to make rpg maker games which were concise and playful rather than boring epicwarriorfantasy stuff and i was looking forward to seeing what you'd do next! pours out 40 on curb etc but good luck with the novel anyway

Ghost World

this looks excellent dude. i prefered the old title screen though! it was a really good screen i liked it a lot

i wish i had an rpgmaker rival

"Beware of what lurks inside" - forum description for 'moronic stuff' subforum
"You need to find the gem" - legends of chronos
"only you can enter the gemn zone" - chronos of fantasy
"this gem is strange. it has many powers" - fantasy trigger
"you cannot comprehend this gem. it is too secret" - fantasy zone
"this gem is necessary to enter the new zone" - fantasy fantasy kuro
"time we all reached out for something new" - prince, purple rain

i'm sorry but since saltworld doesnt have youtube tags yet i feel obliged to make worthless posts here instead

i wish i had an rpgmaker rival

i nthink there was some plotline about an alien in the general hospital too at aboiut the same time. i havent watched anything from that but i think it would look like this

this isnt from general hospital but it should be! i think its the "ridiculous sublime" ~ dead guy of 80s VHS stuff. enter the "mystery zone" of VHS. art garfunkel suddenly turns to the camera while a mysterious song plays. this song seems familiar. you step into the frame. art garfunkels smile seems oddly cold and distant yet you are at peace. synthesizer lullabies play as you enter a zone of flashing coloues a.k.a. "zorg zone", "omega zone". there is something at the other end. you arrive and are suddenly in te photoshoot for the cover to 'purple rain'. you are afraid but, prince smiles and his mysterious eldritch eyes assure you that everything is fine. you enter the zone. you are at piece. prince gives a beautific glance. with hungered flesh obscuring you mutely crave to adore.

welcome... to the true mans world