Space Funeral

The mummies are not my doing and are in fact result of a mysterious database virus uploaded to by a mysterious figure known only as, "Beast". To this day we have recieved little knowledge on the motives or whereabouts of "Beast"... his real name remains unknown.... police analysing this powerful virus have said that it uses a high-tech military software which is impossible to guard against... please remember my tale and be extremely cautious about this dangerous figure!

God bless the games...

is there really a life after games... can you really call it "living"...

also i still haven't finished A Home Far Away but i liked how between that game and this one you seemed to be deliberately trying to make rpg maker games which were concise and playful rather than boring epicwarriorfantasy stuff and i was looking forward to seeing what you'd do next! pours out 40 on curb etc but good luck with the novel anyway

Ghost World

this looks excellent dude. i prefered the old title screen though! it was a really good screen i liked it a lot

i wish i had an rpgmaker rival

"Beware of what lurks inside" - forum description for 'moronic stuff' subforum
"You need to find the gem" - legends of chronos
"only you can enter the gemn zone" - chronos of fantasy
"this gem is strange. it has many powers" - fantasy trigger
"you cannot comprehend this gem. it is too secret" - fantasy zone
"this gem is necessary to enter the new zone" - fantasy fantasy kuro
"time we all reached out for something new" - prince, purple rain

i'm sorry but since saltworld doesnt have youtube tags yet i feel obliged to make worthless posts here instead

i wish i had an rpgmaker rival

i nthink there was some plotline about an alien in the general hospital too at aboiut the same time. i havent watched anything from that but i think it would look like this

this isnt from general hospital but it should be! i think its the "ridiculous sublime" ~ dead guy of 80s VHS stuff. enter the "mystery zone" of VHS. art garfunkel suddenly turns to the camera while a mysterious song plays. this song seems familiar. you step into the frame. art garfunkels smile seems oddly cold and distant yet you are at peace. synthesizer lullabies play as you enter a zone of flashing coloues a.k.a. "zorg zone", "omega zone". there is something at the other end. you arrive and are suddenly in te photoshoot for the cover to 'purple rain'. you are afraid but, prince smiles and his mysterious eldritch eyes assure you that everything is fine. you enter the zone. you are at piece. prince gives a beautific glance. with hungered flesh obscuring you mutely crave to adore.

welcome... to the true mans world

i wish i had an rpgmaker rival

did you guys know that general hospital had a long-running plotline about an evil billionaire who tried to control the *whatever place general hospital was set in* with a gigantic weather machine. it was powered by a mysterious diamond called the "ice princess". inscribed on this gem were the formulas for a weather machine. in the middle of ordinary soapopera plotlines characters would suddenly look up and remark on how strange it was that it would be snowing in july while ominous music played (to denote presence of nefarious weather machine)

i cant find the video i wanted but i think this is like the perfect cultural subconscious of the reagan era. white people in formal dinnerwear (the males both look like art garfunkel) casually handling assault rifles in a cheesy VHS-era military base and swilling champagne while swarthy latinesque geurillas run around in the background and sometimes shots can be heard.

i wish i had an rpgmaker rival

i had a wrestling watch (Wrestlin' Watch sounds like an excellent diddy kong racing character) when i was about 13. also a Hulk Hogan bootlegesque toy as a little kid. I remember cutting myself accidentally on the jagged fingers. this is the entirety of my involvement with professional wrestling.

i kind of wish i'd watched more wrestling stuff as a kid for p[retty much the same reasons i wish i could sit down and watch the entirety of General Hospital or something in terms of ridiculous soapopera plottwists.

Soundtrack: A Make-or-Gamebreaker?

also on subject of creative commons stuff has a ridiculous amount of good stuff and i'd definitely recommend having a poke around. jesus christ theres even a page full of old Joe Meek demos and basically everything in the Excavated Shellac collection is worth hearing. also has a really good selection of old blues, jazz and country stuff from the twenties and thirties. I'd especially recommend some stuff there by the Carter Family and Frank Hutchinson even if youre not trying to find soundtracks.

Space Funeral Review

"the road not taken... / ya keep the change lol" ~ robert frost

Space Funeral Review

ahahaa OUTRE SPACE is p good. Also thanks for the review! I think someone else mentioned the way you sometimes leave areas by walking offscreen and sometimes do it by pressing a key, my rationale for this was that you should use the action button to open doors in and out of houses but judging from reaction I probably should have thought it out a lil bit more.

incidentally the sailing music was originally gonna be a baltimore club song called Shorty You Fat but i had to change it because it overshadowed literally everything else in the game.