Its a pit! You know like all plains. They have holes so you can fall and die! NATURE IS FUN! :D


Where Only Dreams Can Take You

back when games were made to be fun and not made to be perfect. I miss the old days of rpgmaker.

Air RPG Review

It was a experiment. Not a full game.

The guns were the only complaint I had about it. They lacked, difference.

But I had a lot of fun with it for the 15 minutes it took to beat it. But being a test run and not a full game, it makes sense it was quick.

A lot of the menus, at first, were confusing and weird looking. But after a minute of so it became simple to understand.

I never once looked at the reference menu, no need to. Everything was very easy to figure out. Nothing that make me scratch my head.

I do agree that the enemies were too easy. Instead of things having 1 or 2 hits, make them take 5 or 6. I like it when things take a few more hits to kill that wouldve been nice.

While yes, the concept of this game was very basic, the enjoyment and simplicity of it made me happy. There was the basic things I needed out of each area and you had to find them, beat the stuff, open the door, and go to the boss. Very simple, but enjoyable to do. If the game was longer, then maybe it wouldve gotten boring and tedious, but being an experiment I can understand using the same thing. there can be many different aspects to game like this and with a little effort they would shine.

But mainly, the only part of any game that is important is if it was fun. And personally, I had a blast. Regardless of the repetition of not, still fun. People on this website are always being too critical of peoples games.


Sat down and beat it pretty quickly, but it was a sample type of thing so that makes sense.

Had a blast though.

Music was very nice to listen to. I was playing it with the volume decently loud and my brother came in with a very excited look on his face haha.

Graphically pleasing as well. I loved the retro style of graphics, it made the game bring me back to my childhood.

The game didnt feel too fast to me at all. I like moving everywhere quickly and getting to new rooms without feeling like my character is just strolling everywhere. The only reason it might seem too fast is due to the shortness of the game, but it was a sample so that would be fixed with a full game.

The only thing that seemed somewhat boring to me was the guns/bombs. They were all basically the same. The first two guns worked basically the same, then the heat gun was different, cool! But then the ice gun was basically the same thing again. I just wanted more variety in the weaponry.

All in all, very very fun sample. Hoping to see this one move forward into a full game!

Final Fantasy Essence

I havent really understood or agreed with much that Clyve has said this entire time. I will stick with this until its done. Ive loved what you have so far, and I cant wait to see what else you have in store for us in the future! :D


Oh yeah! The shining of the light on that crystal does look similar. Never noticed that.


I still love this crystal. Your adaptation of it is very creative. These are the types of things I want to be able to come up with for my own games.

Final Fantasy Essence

Just make a game for 'you' and hope others like it.

Completely Agree!!!!!


I always love your maps.
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