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A story that will surely touch your soul.



Weekly Speedpainting Series

Impressive posts of SPs. Hey guys what software are you using?


Personally I'm not a big fan of the photoshop effect.

I don't think using the smudge tool makes a lot of sense here. Also, I think it would make more sense if the light halo didn't go all the way into the ground...

Just my opinion of course.

Thank you for your comment. Noted. Just an info. I did not used any smudge tool in that screenshot. Maybe a little blur effects and it's not the final screenshots of the game though, it was taken from a Demo version of the game. The game is now updated and the mapping/visuals were improved. And for me personally, there's no wrong in using PS. I'm using PS, SAI, and Krita. CM. :)

Hypnotherapy Trainer

This is quite possibly the most unusual game I have seen on this site


Unusual yet worth playing. CM.

Hypnotherapy Trainer

I enjoyed the game and it is very educational. Try to play the game guys. You'll learn a lot. CM.


I love the graphics. Hope this game is available now. CM.

The Merchant's Tale

I like the graphics. Added on my playing lists. CM.

Pom Gets Wi-Fi

Subscribed! It's about Dogs for God's sake! on my playing list. CM.


Subscribed! on my Playing lists. CM.

The Unofficial Squaresoft MUD

Interesting kind of game. CM.


Oh well it's a reference to fifty shades of gray, and if you say you haven't heard of that movie, I don't belive you XD
It was a joke about how the game uses tones of gray

I heard of that film/book but didn't able to watch it. It's funny how people expect DUST to be a "grayish" or "black & white" kind of game and later finds out that they are wrong :D in fact the game has a lot of landscape paintings and colorful maps as you continue to explore the world of DUST. CM.