Happy game making, all!
Avelions - The Ancestors
The beginning of all stories~



LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

Yes, I found the plotting so random. But hey, don't get me wrong. I love your game demo. This is absolutely gorgeous in some way. How long did it take to create something like this? I just started with my own project and created the thread on the other site/forums, but I got some negative feedback.LOL I wanna make a silly rpg that is at the same time contemplating for its plot.

Also, about your demo. Here's the problems I have;

- The main character, sometimes, getting stuck in the edge of the map whereas he should transfer to the next area. A simple move back and forth to the same tile would fix it, but still, it's quite a nuisance for your beautiful maps.

Which reveals the second issue;
- if you run into the above problem, and you keep pressing the directional pad, the footstep sfx will loop endlessly.
- And if you try to jump over the unpassable obstacles, the same issue may occur.

Some questions I have;

- I'd rather avoid the specters at the moment, as it seems like their behaviour in the battle could be improved with some battle plugins. Giving them more cooler, or numerous, varied skill should work too. But I'm really curious, what plugins you're using for the HUD?

- I'm reaching the guild using the teleport. It seems you put a voice over when the light beam appears, but I can barely hear what it says. In order to fast travel, do I need to run around my first time, interact with / use one of these teleports or will the game progess automatically unlock them all? The far I've reached is the gate (train station? idk) of this big city in daiclou, but most of the time I can just walk straight to the guild.

- What's the purpose of ES Sync? Are they some kind of summon? Any clue on how to get some more in the demo?

Hello! Sorry for the late reply! If I remember correctly,
it took a year to finish the demo. Did u update the demo
to the latest vers? I think I fixed that bug already.
*That bug was happened because I'm not using events to
transfer the character.

Thanks for the advices, I'm using MOG Actor HUD atm.
Yes, you'll unlock the warp points by advancing the main
mission or story. Accessible areas are limited in the demo though.
Yes, it's pretty similar to Summon, but I think I'll remove that
E.S Sync feature. I have a plan to let the players change their
armor instead.

My current goal is to make this game simple, I'm convincing
myself to remove all unnecessary features and maybe investing
my time efficiently into something else, like replying posts. xD

Thanks for playing my game!

OP - Triple Duels Compilation

Hello! I wonder if I can ask you about bromide 14. It's the only one I lack and I hope I don't need to start again to get it =(. I'm guessing it's Crocus~Igaram~laboon? Hell, I clicked in every square in whiskey peak and reverse mountain maps without any luck haha.

I'm loving your game, thanks for it!

Hello! thanks for playing my game. Bromide 14 is tricky,
yes, it's missable, but not permanently. I guess.haha
Sorry, it has been a long time since the last time I played
this game.

To get that Bromide you have to reduce Shanks' Life Point
(25% of his max HP to be exact) in an Event Battle.
Well, just like in the manga, since he's rarely making
his move, so it can be a pain to find this Event Battle.

If I remember correctly, he appears in East Blue,
near Foosha - Baratie.

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

Oh...i see... But youre said somewhere that you have story already... just edit it to playable...

Yes, this game is the last episode of Avelions Saga.
The plot for the main story has been finished,
but the details, side stories and dialogues are still

I'm quite bad in writing. I got some help and tips from
some friends in the last couple years, but I think
it's not enough. I'm very bad at communication

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

full chapter 1?it's written: "demo v1.2.3" in u have a plan to release this on steam?it's easier to download from there.

it's demo vers. but I think it covers the entire chapter 1.
sorry for the confusion. I don't have specific plan to release
this game on steam.

Where to buy cards? something seems off about the 2nd episode, 3 and 4, compared to the first one (avelion ancestor) and this game.

you can buy vtcards after you reached Teirra Haven,
that's the name of the guild. Yes, these games were
made in vx.

edit : or maybe you mean the theme?
Anyway... how youre CAN do these? If me try ... it just trash...

Countless trials and errors until I had lost
all my hair.xD Trust me. You can still create
a good game without doing these graphical stuff.


Just when I think this game can't get any more insane you keep surprising me. My Yellow-Eyes Black Maegarf deck will be unstoppable!

If there's one thing I'm good at, it's polishing
the book's

You're right bro. Maegarf habitually stop others!
I should make him holds his own card, one does not
simply out of his chamber unscathed without playing
this card game!


I love your custom battle sprites. and that's pretty cool animation effect
you got there. I guess I'll wait patiently until MZ give 75% off sale. xD


Thanks. I'm really excited to write his story!
He'll be the physical damage dealer in Grimmblades team.


The Character Profile updated~
Finally, I finished the 6 of 10. 3 more to go.

LIVENEL - Nocturnal Skyrift Chapter 1 (Part 1/2)

Here's the Chapter 1 Demo. Opening Scene ~ First Boss Battle Test.

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

Finally finished the game and I had a great time :D I got the best ending and the ending was great, thanks to the ending it felt like every seconds invested in the game was worth it :D Please make many such games in the future as well and with live battle system :)

Time for some questions
1. Where can I get a legion class promotion? Got the crystal and also the blessings but don't know who am I supposed to get the promotion from. I got the information for crystal and blessings from the forums. Just need to know where can I get the promotion from.
2. How can I enter looset empire? Those guards block me from going to Azwil.
3. Where can I get the code for god mode and other modes of the game?

I might ask more questions later if I have any :D Hope you won't mind :)
I won't forget this game for a long time :D This was one of the greatest games I played. Also the names aren't that weird, I can easily read and remember them. Except for the monsters' names, their names are traumatizing :p
I will be waiting for your reply :)

First off, Congratulations! So happy to hear that. To be honest,
I feel guilty for not showing the whole ending in detailed pictures
scenes. But then again, I'm glad you enjoy it. :)

Avelions 1 to 4, all these games use Action Battle System, so maybe
you're going to like the first one too (Avelions - The Ancestor),
it's already a full version.

1. Here's the location for Legion Class Promotion NPCs :
Aelther Warlord, Grimoire Warlord -> General Hozzou, Vim Castle, Vim - Arsei.
Celestial Phantom, Darkbring Phantom -> Ronin Rukken, Grand Library, Feurre.
Nervian Caster, Hellish Sniper -> Elder Heinweis, Elder House, Gleafander Shrine.
Ersevah Archmage, Ziever Archmage -> Master Claymore, Maghpardos Chamber.

*I'm curious which forum you had stopped by, xD

2. Soul shift to Key Sletzer, he's an Imperial. :p

3. You'll get the code from Card No.20 Maegarf and Card No.19 Eiriou.
(Press SHIFT key to read the card information from your Inventory).

- You can find the Game Master No.20 in Oracion Memoirs.
- Back to Celese Town after the ending to find the Game Master No.19.

Yes, I have trouble remembering the monsters's names too, Arth was
the easiest among Please don't hesitate to drop more question. :)