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Avelions - The Ancestors
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LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

I'm great,thx. "After I finished the English translation for Avelions 4, this battle system got me hooked, and it was felt user-friendly too" the action battle or the lnear motion? Found bug, the card game cant play the theme?, or something like that making the game unplayable

Yes, I talked about LMBS plugin, it's pretty amusing
and time-consuming at the same time. Maybe I could make
a simple game with that battle system.

Nooooo wayy -_-; I'll check that. Thanks for the report!

Edit : I fixed that issue on 1.49a release, it's accidental
drag and drop of files. I think that bgm was one of them.

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

I played the latest techdemo last night. Where's the turn order display or did I miss something?

@KyuubiKeeper, how u doing? Hope you safe and sound, my friend.
Thanks for keep coming back and posting feedbacks, I received
the same questions on facebook too. Thank you so much.

Well, tbh I had used three or four different battle systems while
making the game demo for livenel, and changed them frequently due to
plugins conflict. It has been a long, messing trial and error since
the game was still in its early "concept" stage, back in 2015.

+ Linear Motion Battle System
After I finished the English translation for Avelions 4, this battle
system got me hooked, and it was felt user-friendly too. But then
I realized that it's not as easy as it seems. Eventually, this "Avelions 5"
project went on HIATUS, for about 5 years...? xD

In 2020, when I went back to work on this project and changed the game
title, I had used; CTB with TURN ORDER DISPLAY, MOG Sideview Battle,
Yanfly's Sideview Battle System, SBS with TURN ORDER DISPLAY (maybe you're
playing this one?). And finally, I'm using Yanfly+MOG Sideview Battle
System with ATB. So far it seems to be working fine, no bugs, no plugins

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

Everything will get better in time.
You too, my friend. Keep doing what you love
and you'll see it eventually that you could
do more than you thought.

Have you made any game thread?

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

I'm quite bad in writing. I got some help and tips from
some friends in the last couple years, but I think
it's not enough. I'm very bad at communication

Is that sarcasim?? (or how it said)... well... mapping :)

No. It's not sarcasm.

Story/Gameplay > Graphic, I believe.
And yet, I keep coming up with constant updates
for...Graphics. xD

Sometimes, I feel that this game goes in
the wrong direction, but I guess that's that.
I just try to push myself towards finishing
things that I started.

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

The text seems more readable to me now, considering the strong red color on previous game description, toning it down seems to be a quite good approach.

Thanks! Yes, the game thread often gets regular updates too. xD

Where's eidart? I thought he has been consistently showcased as an important character.

I'm sorry, I don't get what u mean.
He's not showing up or what? Where?

::EDIT After update 49 I have lost all my spheres data! the Database is empty! How I can get them back?

I've fixed the database with a new event/command that
will forcefully store all tutorials, characters and
bestiary data even when you use old save files.

The bad news is, it resets elmpshere data too. :(
But don't worry, these elmspheres are still in your
inventory. You might want to check them.

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

So? How story going?

Oh hi EgyLynx! It's great to hear more from you.

The demo has 4-5 hours gameplay, and you'll find the prologue
for Chapter 2 in the end of the demo.

The story so far, it introduces the simulation gameplay for Lucain.
He'll do his first mission, learn some game lores, back to his guild,
Teirra Haven. And eventually, encounter his "future" rival, Maegarf.

If you had played Avelions 4 and finished that game, you'll questioning
Maegarf's motives in this game (LIVENEL), especially after the duel
between him and Lucain in the end of this game demo. xD

LIVENEL Full version (v1.50) will be released on June,
And here's more detail related to the story :

+ I'll add some Side Missions to Chapter 1.
+ In Chapter 2, you'll play as Velia, along with her team.
+ In Chapter 3, you'll play as Maegarf, along with his team.

Gameplay alternates between these three teams.
The 3 Party Leaders will have their own UNIQUE GAMEPLAY :

Lucain's Party -> Simulation with MMORPG elements.
Velia's Party -> Rogue-like with Stealth elements.
Maegarf's Party -> Dark, dungeon crawler with Investigation elements.

How that sounds? Is it too complicated?

OP - Triple Duels Compilation

Hello! Thanks for answering! So far no luck with Shanks haha. I can't find him in nightmare mode either. I completed east blue, grand line,new world and offscreen challenges and couldn't find him yet.

Btw is there a way to access the new world on strawhat campaign or it ends on marineford?

Okay, give me more time to check this bromide thoroughly then.
I'm pretty sure there's a way to get another copy aside from
shanks' event battle. (I recall that I copied this specific reward
somewhere, to prevent such "missable" issue.)

Yes, OP-WOT ends on marineford. :( The previous title,
"Triple Duels Diamond" has the complete arcs tho, the game covers
the Whole Cake Island arc and a glimpse of Wano Kuni Arc. You can
give it a shot if you have time to play more OPTD games.

Honestly, without any exaggeration, it's my honor to answering
your question. It seems you have finished the Paramount War too.
Congrats, bro! Also, in any way possible, I would love to get
your review for OP War of Thrones. This page only has OPTD 2
review, which is kinda outdated for recent titles and updates. xD

Have a great day!

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

I love that new game description. just random suggestion, i think it would be nice if you type the text in the usual way, to keep it simple and more readable. YOur game gets better time after time. Well done~

Hello! Thanks for the suggestion,
I often update the story/plot for this game,
that is why I choose to use picture instead,
for easy thread editing. XD

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

hi! I want to report some bugs I found. after the ship mission and you're about to go back to hq, this slim robots will show up and block the stairs, you'll get stuck there. another game breaking bug i encountered, sometimes after completing the tutorial, my character iamges bugged out and now disappear whenever I fight the monster, but when I loaded the previous save, he appears. I'm not sure when he does disappear exactly but it might have something to do with the raid suit or the npc who gives the tutorial.

Hello! Thanks for the report! Could you send me a screenshot
that shows the location of these teragon robots?

OP - Triple Duels Compilation

Hello! I wonder if I can ask you about bromide 14. It's the only one I lack and I hope I don't need to start again to get it =(. I'm guessing it's Crocus~Igaram~laboon? Hell, I clicked in every square in whiskey peak and reverse mountain maps without any luck haha.

I'm loving your game, thanks for it!
Hello! thanks for playing my game. Bromide 14 is tricky,
yes, it's missable, but not permanently. I guess.haha
Sorry, it has been a long time since the last time I played
this game.

To get that Bromide you have to reduce Shanks' Life Point
(25% of his max HP to be exact) in an Event Battle.
Well, just like in the manga, since he's rarely making
his move, so it can be a pain to find this Event Battle.

If I remember correctly, he appears in East Blue,
near Foosha - Baratie.
Thanks for your tip!
So it's a random event on a specific map right? I'm already at Blackbeard campaign in the game, will Shanks still appear eventually?

Yes, it's random event. No, Shanks won't appear in BBP campaign.
Oh right, if I'm not mistaken, you can also get his bromide from
Nightmare Mode. Try out the nightmare battle vs Shanks there! :)

By the way, if you ever decide to continue it there is a couple of bugs I encountered.

In the tower of the conqueror. Once I chose Smoker, and since then I can't choose neither strawhat or blackbeards ever again, only marines since that moment. And only the stairs of darkness (which I chose that time).

Franky last skill and lvl4 ultimate don't show up to select it.

Hope you come back to it one day. You did great!

Thanks for the report! Since it's a game breaker bug,
I'll come back to this game to check and fix it.
It's really nice to know that there's a lot of people
still having fun / playing this game.

Sorry for the late reply! Hope to hear more from you. ;)