Happy game making, all!
Avelions - The Ancestors
The beginning of all stories~



LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

how many boss fights in the demo? still miss at least 2-3 enemy on bestiary

5 battles, 4 different enemies (You'll fight Doom Ferwinzel,
twice, one from Side Mission and one from Main Mission).

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

Got an error and crash after the battle in forest.haha Guess i shud play from the beginning or wait for the full vers instead. The game version is good enough, the story was just okay, but i like the other elements esp the animation. bad things : you just recolor some mosnter, my advise you can give em some addiional body part like flame horn for one eye monster in that 'mako reaktor?' area. Boss fight kinda boring, maybe a unique skill wud help, otherwise he's the same weak monster but with beefed hp and stat. good things : except the boss fight and enemies design in general, everything was just perfect in my taste. I follow and support your games (maybe just your games in such website) because I love that fanmade onepiece tripleduels, so goodluck and keep spirits high!

Hello, thank you so much for the feedback!

I'm glad it went so well for you. It's really a good idea
to give slightly different model to each enemy, thanks
for suggesting this.

The game will get better in chapter 2, I give Lucain some
character developments after he met Maegarf and Velia.

If you had reached the end of the first chapter, you probably
seen the hints there. Lucain won't be the same "mannequin-like"
person anymore. Or I hope so. XD


My only complaint is that it looks too good and therefore I am jealous.

Wait what? You're jealous to someone who is jealous of you? You've just made me suffer a severe nosebleed in infinity loop, my


You deserved 10 / 5 review if that's possible. Sorry for this
silly comment, I can't help but stand in awe of this masterpiece.
Reached 8 hours in the last week and I really love it!
So how far are you in the sequel? How is it going, man? I heard
you're working on the remake too?

*I hope I can write a review too, instead of posting a long post
like this. Wanna try it someday but I guess it would get auto-deleted
by the moderator for horrendous

LIVENEL - Chapter 1 Major Update~

You are now one of my favorite people.

You're an idol!


Yoo this looks so colorful! Great atmosphere!

Thanks for taking the time to look at it. :)
Got inspired by some cyberpunk-themed games, I really enjoy
making this city (and the fact that the female protagonist lives here :p).

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

thx. i missed that button, i thought the dev put DOWNLOAD LINK on the game description like itch***

Sorry for the late reply, I rarely check the notifications.
You can also visit the website, but it's highly recommend to
download it from this page (Go to download tab should work too).
it's a direct link. :)

heloo, can I use the save file from 2.0 also, chapter 2 finished?

There's a README txt file on the game folder. You can try using
the old save file at your own risk tho. :3 No, it's not finished yet.
What do you think about the first chapter? Hope to hear more
from you. Cheers!

LIVENEL - Chapter 1 Major Update~

Holy smokes, that's a lot of stuff.

There's more to come!

In Chapter 2, I created a side mission called Wheelman Zero where the player
can take Zero's heavily armored vehicle upon defeating him in a street race.
*Please spare my soul for using these names, bro. :D

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

when does Avelions 5 come?

Hi! That game has been reworked, now it's called LIVENEL.
You can visit the game thread here :

Also here's the gameplay video :

Avelions - The Ancestors

Dear Developer,

I understand that it may not occur to you, but please refrain from using the (m*****f****** s*** that is) Google Drive. One Browser ends in Google telling me to clear my cookies, the other browser just plain redirects me to the same page that is supposed to start the download endlesslsy.

I'm really intrigued by your game series and would like to check it out, but as it stands, I can't. If you could message me an alternative download link, I'd be most grateful.

Best Regards,

Edit: *sigh* As often happens, once you ask for support, the problem solves itself.
Microsoft Edge ultimatively accepted to just download the thing. I have downloaded from Drive before, and with other browsers it worked, but for this game, for whatever reason, Edge is the only one.
I know none of this is your fault^^ But please, upload to something else next time, maybe just use Mega.

If you'd be so kind as to tell me in which order to best experience your game series, I'd once again be grateful. As it stands, it seems you started 1 and 4 in 2015, then 3 in 2016, then 2 in 2018. 2 and 3 were last updated the year they were added, while 1 and 4, which are tagged as completed, were last updated this year.

Hi! First things first, thanks for your attention and consideration
to play my games. Well, actually I'm not quite sure why this game has
had some updates this year. It wasn't me, the site's admin might updated
this game thread for a better game description, rules, etc.

Okay, I'll use Mega next time.^^ I have a plan to give a hotfix for
this game, addresses some minor bug fixes and WASD-key movement.
It'll probably coming out by the end of this month. :)

Avelions - The Ancestors would be a good start, it has a short
playtime. You'll get a fast-paced story, alot of actions. As for 2 & 3,
I don't recommend it yet, the gameplay & dialogue are still raw.

If you're into political conflict & mythology, you can just jump right
into Avelions 4 without playing any of its prequels. They're connected,
yes, but they're all stand-alone games. :)