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Avelions - The Ancestors
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Wildsilver Demo

Nice! I love the way you handle the maps, it's neat and cute. I'll give it a shot. Subscribed! *Quick question, is this still a demo or completed? You say it's a demo in the game description, but the thread status is completed.


It's surprising how a simple thing like items description could make much of a difference. Thanks to WheelmanZero.

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

there's one sphere combination in that video; it shows how to create heat, not magma. edit:oh nvermind; ive found it.

Sorry for the late reply. it's Flare + Earth + Excellent Sphere.
yes, I forgot that it's just the thumbnail. I'm so sorry.

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift


Hotfix v1.25

+ Added Elmsphere Setup tutorial near the wreckage of Cosmose 4220.
+ Added dropped Enels (money) to some enemies.
+ Added Small Gem to Cloud Eater's dropped item list.
+ Added two Spheria Chests, which contain Dark and Light Elmspheres.

+ Fixed the cursor speed in Mission Data, Enemy Data and TEC Apps.
+ Fixed an issue where Eidart doesn't join Lucain's team again in Teirra
after he left the team in Vargrad.
+ Fixed more issues ralated to Save Mission on Hard Difficulty.


LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

the aircraft's speed. if by any means, you can add a switch to skip the rest of the flight scene after the subquest, that would be really helpful for players with impetuous temper like me.

what if u create key item that working as elmsphere crafting diagram?

Yes, the npcs. u do full justice to essential characters, but not with the npcs.

Hello. That's another great idea! but I think Alarm feature
should be enough? Have you tried that?

I'll write the composition/recipe to create new elmsphere
in the next post or maybe a dev blog.

I have a friend who gonna help me, but if you can lend
a hand too, I could use some more help to handle the NPCs better.
Are you on discord?

Whelp, that's really fast. what is bloom effect? and how to get that magma knuckle?

It's a filter. it adds shining effect to the picture.
You can learn magma knuckle from Magma Elmsphere,
please rewatch the youtube video about crafting system. :)

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

o shizz, how could ive missed that i hav 2 spheres, maybe a glitch. who knows.

I still haven't found that issue yet,
I hope my friend could find it. He's doing
the second playthrough right now.


Hotfix v1.22

+ Fixed an issue where the player can't save after using Warp Point
on Hard Difficulty.


Hotfix v1.23

+ Added new monster, Cloud Devourer.
+ Faster (pitch) Random Battle BGM.
+ Fixed VT Battle BGM.


Hotfix v1.24

+ Added working hours information when the shop is closed.
+ Fixed Overheat Icon for Magma Knuckle Mantra.
+ Fixed mantra's name, Flash Bolt -> Flash Reverse.
+ Removed Bloom Effect on Crafting Menu.


LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

But I think I got 1 or 2 in stock. one of em from the workshop.

It's weird, I'll check it out while playing the current playthrough ASAP.

what shop? I keep getting this shop is closed message.

I am sorry that I didn't inform the players about the shop.
All shops in Teirra Haven will be open at 9.00 AM.

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

craft supplies to create that sphere used up and can't find any throughout the game. And where to sell extra craft supplies?

You can't craft refined sphere, at least until you visit the shop
that sell the crafting materials. This shop is located in Teirra Haven.

How did you do that? I've never put any crafting items in the game map.


I haven't unlocked all features yet, here's the apps you can use at the moment :

CALL, you can call your favorite NPCs to get mission hints.
MESSAGE, you'll get information about current tasks from friends or guild admin.
CONTACT, you can create favorite contacts list, up to six phone numbers.
GUIDE, it'll show object & next area names on the map.
ALARM, you can advance the time, instead of waiting in actual game time.
CAMERA, you can take a screenshot, it's pretty useful for a bug report or tease me about the writing in this game. xD
BOOST, you can skip barrier animation in the beginning of the battle, so that the battle command will appear faster.

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

new patch seems nice, not sure is this still a demo version or full episode 1, could you release the changes? One more question, where i can find the blue-white sphere or catalyst to craft elmshper?tx

Thanks! I had the plan of making this game (Previously it's called
Avelions 5) back in 2015, but actually, I started this project from scratch
in 2020. So yeah, basically it's still a Technical Demo. And one week ago,
I meet a friend who will helping me in the writing.

*You can craft Refined Spehere in Lucain's dorm. The same place where you
can find Elmsphere Crafting.

Here's the changelogs for v1.21 :

Hotfix v1.19, v1.20, v1.21

+ Added WEAKNESS and RESIST text over damage number in the battle.
+ Added 5 CATEGORY OF BATTLE TUTORIAL in Free Training - VT.
+ Added RECOVERY ITEMS + STRATEGY Mechanic tutorial in Free Training - VT.
+ Added new CRAFTING ITEMS in Teirra Haven - Items Shop.
+ Added new character portrait during opening credits sequence.
+ Added new Opening Song BGM.

+ Sky Teragons in Blue Wyvern Airship - West Wing will give tutorial about
Elemental Chart & Bestiary.
+ Sky Teragons in Blue Wyvern Airship - East Wing will give tutorial about
TEC Apps & Mission.
+ Sky Teragons in Blue Wyvern Airship - Entrance will give information about
how many days left to finish the Scavenger Mission #1.
+ If you had defeated Doom Ferwinzel thru side mission, this monster
won't attacking the Eisenclad Base.

+ Fixed a game-breaking issue where the character might teleport back
to wrong location after using Phone or Hyperion Termina in Teirra Haven.
+ Fixed an issue where the light effect of character's phone doesn't show
when the lamp is turned off.

Have fun~