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Avelions - The Ancestors
The beginning of all stories~



Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

my was in C:\Program Files (x86) i did delete the old folder but the dint work
move to new location did it work so it v6.06 know thank you
for help

You're welcome, glad I could be of help.
Feel free to ask if you have any question later.
And have fun! :)

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

i think you dint get want i was saying i Uninstal the v6.04 but when install
v6.06 it say still in Windowed Mode v6.04 .. i eve try too see if wound let me
install same setup same locations over which it did .it still give me v6.04

hello there. Okay, I get it. This is the first time I hear this issue though.
Have you try to delete the old folder or install v6.06 on another location?

The game folder's here : C\ProgramFiles\Hossi Games\Avelions 4

Also, you can find the save files there. Don't forget to backup your save files.

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

hello i download AVELIONS 4 Oracion Memoirs Full ENGLISH v6.06
for hossigames but i keep say it v6.04 when i open it
and i have save date form v6.04 in new download

where are the game save any way ?? too see if by delete them
new v6.06 it will say v6.06


You can check the game version by pressing F5
to switch between Full Screen and Windowed Mode.

There, you can find the game version on the bar.

Don't worry you can load these save files from v6.04,
and re-save your game, it will turn the save file name into v6.06.

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

LIVENEL Discordance Demo v0.03b is out~

v0.03 Changelogs :

+ 3~5 hours demo
+ 1 of 5 Chapters finished
+ 2 playable characters
+ 40 of 361 Elmspheres finished
+ 6 of 24 main locations finished
+ 16 of 120 enemies finished

+ Main Menu and 90% additional menu can be accessed
+ Minimap, Phone & Hyperion Termina (PC) can be accessed
+ Side Quests & Enemy Data can be accessed
+ Basic Virtual Trainer can be accessed

v0.03b Changelogs :

+ missing image (game-breaking) bug fix <---
It's really important to update your game to v3.03b

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

Hello. Sorry for late reply. What phone? Idk, maybe on windows phone, but I don't think the web browser port would work. If you had ever found the web browser version of this game, that might be made by someone else. :3

Shadow Seeker

I drooled over the gamepla..err...everything! Keep it up, dude. Subscribed! Can't wait to play it. :)

Crimson Memories

I always love fast-paced action rpg like this. Downloaded! Going to try it tonight. :)

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

there's a wall/gate that blocked the path in the first area (mission???) how to open that gate? *demo v03 thx

Go back the way you came (south from that wall)
and find an opening on the right side and go north after that.

How to level up the spheres? I like it so far.
Hello! You can't level up them and I don't have any plan like that yet.
Thanks for playing my game, hope to hear more from you. :)
Is there a way to remove the coresphere?

No. It's locked. :( I have a plan to change the style for
Elmspheres Setup, make it simple, just like in The Three Visions game.
Have you ever played that game? EDITED : *I mean, The Three Visions.

The Three Visions

I still got stuck after defeating iblis, the only way that I can find is the path to Satan's horn not the way to Hades High

From Satan's Horn, go north and enter Bastion of Daegons. You're not allowed to enter Satan's Horn area in this game.

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

Which one I should play first? 3 vision, avelon or livenel? What is the order / timeline of the series?

I suggest that you play the three visions first.
But if you want to play this game, that would be okay too.
Feels free to play these games in whatever order you want.

I'm looking forward to your feedback. :)

***Also, you can find the timeline by watching Reminiscene video
in Livenel game. (During the first booting of Lucain's PC)