Happy game making, all!
Avelions - The Ancestors
The beginning of all stories~



Kasatmata (The Seen) - Chapter 1


this game is really interesting
based on tv show and should i say the scariest episode in that show.

I enjoyed this game at first but I become stuck since i dont find anything to keep up my progress.

already open all chained doors and found black crest tho... but other than that, i dont find anything

if i may ask, could you give me a hand?

thanks for positive feedback. ^^ Yes, I can give you a hint.
But please wait for a little longer, v1.1.0 will be released today,
I'll give the hints that works on the latest version of the game. :)

Kasatmata (The Seen) - Chapter 1

You should probably try saving your images as pngs instead since jpgs make them look pretty bad ^^;

Either way, I'll give this a go when I can!

Hi thanks for the feedback. Yes, I was not fully aware of it. XD Go grab it, sir. I hope to hear more from you. :)

Kasatmata (The Seen) - Chapter 1

Download Link fixed~
Chapter 1 Full v1.0.1 released~ :)

Avelions - The Ancestors

heya! I just noticed this behemoth of a game series and was about to give it a go. I just noticed that not all of them say they are completed - should I start with this one and then go 1 2 3 4 or were some of the middle titles incomplete? Thanks!

Hello^^ glad to know someone put attention to my works. Yes, you can start with 1, and then go 2,3,4 and 5. They're connected, the next title contains a plot twist/revelation for previous one. Actually, 1st-4th titles are complete, but 3 of them are still in Bahasa, my 1st language. I'm working on the translation at the moment. Anyway, you can try downloading the English demo and give all a try,
I would love any feedback. :)


pretty good art, I like it. :) Are you drawing all art for game alone ?

Thanks for kind words. Yep, I'm working alone. :)


ooo this is nice.

Thank you. :D

Avelions 3 - Crimson Wars

SOS III Crimson Wars Demo v1.2.1 is out~

Enjoy ^^

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Funnily enough, I'm not particularly aware of a program (or website) that does grammar checks? I sense a Google search should reveal a number of possibilities, though.

yeah I found it by googling. I'm going to give it a try. Thank you, my friend. :)

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Oh, I missed that comma too, haha thanks. Yeah, I meant he inherited three souls, for a total of four. Ah got it, if I seperate these paragraphs, it wasn't clear who is "He" in "He was revived by a demon..." , my bad. Thank you so much, friend. One question, is there a good application to do a grammar checker by ourself? I hope you have a great day. ^^

Let's work on your game descriptions!

A big thanks to you, friend. :) That's really fast. Love the details in your suggestion^^ I'll submit this version with a few improvement from my own references, like this :

In the year 779 MA, a hundred knights where chosen to go on a dangerous mission by the Epsylian Council. The mission, led by an Aelther Warlord code-named "Neptune", was to occupy, a camp of Looset Empire. This particular camp was a threat to the southern territories controlled by the Kingdoms Alliance.

It is generally believed that this raid had one survivor. It was Neptune, who actually betrayed the others in the raid, but used the incident for personal gain. Alcein was one of the knights sent by the Council under the command of Neptune. He saw, first-hand, Neptune's betrayal. His faith shattered, he soon found himself wandering between the the worlds of the living and the dead.

He was revived by a demon, and made more powerful with three other souls living in his body. With his new-found power, he returns in a glorious blaze, slaying thousands, and claimed a title in his own right.

Of course, the demon that revived Alcein made a contract with him, and is fully expecting to be paid when the contract is up. Will Alcen's thirst for vengeance spark another war? Is there any way he can make peace with himself before his contract is up?

Is this correct? I do hope they accepted this time. :)