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Avelions - The Ancestors
The beginning of all stories~



Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

gold/orange feather on my quest log = all are done : green status
Otherside, Vaillant War, Dark Empire, Prison escape, Demon Hunt, Revelead, Second chance, Land of memories, shadow and demon, reunion, save the light, Fanfare

gold/orange feather on my quest log still pending
invisible enenmy

Go to "Hlnoir Peak", north from Greymoyr, play as Laneira,
then use the Teleport/Portal on the upper-right corner of the area.

You'll enter the secret chamber of Maghpardos. :)

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

I am playing chapter III, How way to reach Chapter IV ?

Tell me your main quest? marked with a gold/orange feather on your quest log.

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

*** thanks for your answer
1° How way to reach Chapter IV ?
2° Fort Zegar, i done that in Lomelo Port -> answer boat away
3° Death Zone -> OK
4° Valdestra(east),Demon Bastion(south), Phenomos(west) i done that
-> rock or NPC block entry

1.Which Chapter you're playing now? And what's your "Main Quest" Let me guide you.
2.You can go to Fort Zegar right when "Winter Storm" quest in Chapter IV is active.
3.Remember, you have to Soul Shift to Key Sletzer, since his origin is Imperial, the guards will recognize you and let you in.
4.You can destroy the rock(brown) using Steel Hammer, and silver rock using Steel Pickaxe. But if the path is blocked by NPC, then it means you have to do your main quest first until these areas are accessible. :)

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

Very nice Game,
can't Ending the game, how way to
1° get legion class ?
2° acces towns & area
Fort Zegar, Modos, Losset area (Azwil, Cygou..), Phenomos,demon Bastion

Thank you so much. Yes, I guess it will be hard to play this until the end,
since the english translation is still on progress.

(1).Legion Class : 1.Reach Chapter IV, You'll get special quest when you reach Legion Bridge,east from Crimson Forest,Epsylia Kingdom 2.You have to find a Crystal Gem from Ohja (Yellow-snake monster) in Earth Temple. 3. Bring the Crystal Gem to Legion Bridge 4.Choose one of two blesses,Celestial Bless(defensive type) or Darkbring Bless(offensive type) 5.Now you can promote and buy Legion Skills from these NPC : General Hozzou in Castle Vim,Arsei Kingdom/Elder Heinweis in Gleafander Shrine,Gravil/Master Claymore in Maghpardos,Ersevah/Ronin Rukken in Feuerre,Nouma Empire. (2)Fort Zegar ---> Board a ship in Lomelo Port, Modos ---> This town was burned down,can't access, Looset Empire ---> Chapter III, Go to Death Zone,play as Key Sletzer or use Teleport Pillar in Maghpardos, Phenomos ---> Go to North Mythier Forest,then Zorta,then Gerrand Archipelago,then Crimson Forest,then go to the south,thera three ways from here,to Valdestra(east),Demon Bastion(south) and Phenomos(west). Feels free to ask anything.^^


Looks beautiful.

Thank you. :)


It would be a hardcore boss battle ever. XD

Revenant Gods - Ragnarok Chronicle

Is this going to be a commercial game?
The presentation and the graphics look awesome! :D
Revenant Gods will not going to be Commercial game. :D

This is insane. Your game looks far better than most commercial games,
the visual, features, presentation, even the story, everything is gorgeous.
Subscribe it!


Hey! This remembered me of the movie "lights out"
Wait... this scene is from that movie?

Yes, you're absolutely right, this scene is from that movie. XD

Kasatmata (The Seen) - Chapter 1

Hi, I find your page from RPG Maker Horror game FB page. It's a good start. question : How to recover the bravery meter>?

Hello^^ thanks. Try the latest version, remade v2.0.1.
There's a simple tutorial about the Brave Meter, sorry to say,
but I would like to suggest you to replay it, since the previous save
may contains incompability issue and such. :(

Kasatmata (The Seen) - Chapter 1

Not at all. Don't worry. ^^ I'll make improvements from each feedback.
Yes, it's all about how to create a better gameplay, since everyone has trouble
in finding clue, not only you. So it's me who must say thanks to you. :)
I'll try to figure the puzzle then, looking for the hints
(and maybe re-play it all over, in case I have something missed)

KASATMATA - Chapter 1 REMADE v2.0.1 is out~ Now you can find clue easily, also beware of the stranger things around. :)