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Avelions - The Ancestors
The beginning of all stories~



Avelions - The Ancestors

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S.O.S The Ancestors = 100% FULL vers
S.O.S II All Stars = 95%
S.O.S III Crimson Wars = 50%
S.O.S IV Oracion Memoirs = 100% FULL vers + Extended (Non-English)
S.O.S V God Realms = 10%

One Piece Triple Duels = 100% FULL vers
One Piece Triple Duels II = 100% FULL vers
One Piece Triple Duels III = 100% FULL vers + Extended
One Piece Ace Special = 35%
One Piece War of Thrones = 15%

Gamu Mini Game series = Pending

Avelions - The Ancestors

I would get this game but sites like mediafire don't really work for me. I'll wait and hope it gets hosted on this site in the future.

Now I'm using Google Drive,
you can download v3.0 from this site. :)

Enjoy and happy gaming. :)

Avelions - The Ancestors

Ver 2.0
Random thoughts
lyne battlewise appears to be a useless character. with really low health getting hit with enough damage in late areas to kill her multiple times over.she is playable as a super hard/impossible mode!

there is a boss fight to the left of amusement park gondala (i got here after jumping down a few times.
this is a problem. not only was there no warning. i had not saved in a while and wanted to find a save location but got stuck in a boss fight instead. the room before the overly hard boss has enemies too.

status effects are extremely annoying would be nice if there were gear to negate it.

i hate the amusement parks design its too maze like trying to figure out where to go.

enemies respawn way too fast. its bad enough with there damage and life.but to respawn with in like 20 or so seconds of death is insane.

the reader(in menu) is useless its not safe/not usable in way too many areas.

companions gain exp but not levels

giving up i cant find the hidden amusement park entrance or w/e cant continue
dropping so i can move on to something else.

General 6H 33M+ dropped (could not progress anymore)
This experience is really mixed for me a lot of issues kept me from fully enjoying it. outside the bugs and grammar trying to remember how to get to some areas can be a pain.
the difficulty in surviving can be pretty insane and the main character is the only usable character as the 2nd is way to weak and cant be level up at this time.

once all the problems are fixed this will be worth playing. as it is i don't recommend.

1. About Lyne, could you remember and tell me how many FCS she has?
If she has "initiate FCS" below 70, then it's a glicth caused by demo save file.
you have to play the game from the beginning (clean save file)
to fix this issue. >_<

2. yes, that boss is a tricky one, there's a specific strategy to beat him
in 1-2 attacks with no damage to your character.

3. you can create a gear to negate status effect.

4. Bastion, right? i created that maze to hide some gears and stuffs.

5. Reader for Lore purpose, you can make a call, read lore, and crafting
in two certain areas : Warp Point and Control Point.

6. Companions have certain amount of E.S from the beginning,
There's no E.S/level up.

7. I'm preparing some updates and a save file for you. pls be patient
for a little bit longer. >_<

Avelions - The Ancestors

I misread the title of this game as being "Stories of SHIELD", as in something related to the Marvel TV show "Agents of SHIELD".


lol. yes it's similar to shield,
i was thinking to replacing it with a better game title
but in the end i didn't.


Assign your TP in Virtual Trainer to raise your parameters.
No level up in this game.


A Map. Not too useful, :D
but you need to know where exactly your location.


You're living in Deflario, a District in a Great Ship called Cosmos.


Now you can transform into Shadow Hiver to use Grimoire Special Attacks.
This transformation occurs when the user of the Elmsh Power fully gives into shadow mode as the 13 second time limit has run out.


Save your mission often. You may escape your death by SE Transporter, but Penalty is a shame for hunters. :D


New SE Communicator! Yay~ Call Wein to get hints or other useful informations.
The signal is bad though, also don't call Wein while you're fighting Grimoire. :p