Happy game making, all!
Avelions - The Ancestors
The beginning of all stories~



The Four Disasters

Nice game :)

thanks for the video. :)

I'm working on the game's screen resolution
to make it more confortable to play on the browser. :)

Avelions - The Ancestors Review

First things first, thank you so much for the review! I love it! <3
Glad to know that there's someone who is interested in my game.

Grimoire, yes, it's not a good name. But we can assume that
they're "magical" creatures that are cyclically regenerated or reborn
through invoking-like process, anomaly in physics, out of the science.

I will put a flashback in v4.0 (upcoming updates) with clear explanation,
It contains major spoiler, so I won't reveal the details here. ^^

About the direction, hints and other stuff, new tutorials are in
the making along with some improvements. I hope it can introduce
the gameplay better. :)

Avelions - The Ancestors

I've just written a review, waiting for it to be accepted. I had a bit of critiquing to do for the writing, but don't be fooled, I loved the story and I loved this game.

hello ^^ that's awesome. thanks for the review,
I can't wait to read it. I do believe that critiques are made
to make the game better. :)
yes, i have to admit that the game has lots of flaws in writing,
and it's a bit rushed in the end. I'll fix it on upcoming update. :)

The Four Disasters

I really like the look of Andrez! :)

yes me too. ^^ credits goes to ruruka. i don't draw it. :)

The Four Disasters

I tried this, the characters go to the broken wall but I cannot go through. It's seems to be the only way to reach the bottle and the chest.

it might work better now, i edited the tileset
so that you and other players can see the whole cracks on the wall.

btw, i've also made some improvements in the new demo,
you can play it online here if you want to give it a try. ^^

Avelions - The Ancestors

I need help :o
I am right now in the ''Forest - Drone Lake'' And I was already in that room where the monster has red eyes and there was a guy inside . So I killed the monster and so. And I don't know what to do right now I was also on the other side of the map with the levers I already pushed the right one and now I don't know where to go :o...

use rage sting (throw a flying blade) to hit the green box
and cross the bridge to the Forest - Drone Lake 2nd area with a building
called Power Room. enter the Room, *be careful, the bats are annoying,
use rage sting to kill this creature, and use Soil Eger TS to
recover the bad status if needed* or just run straight to the 2nd floor with the elevator in the center.
watch out for a red eye bat, evade this one using your power dash.

*in the safe area, like Warp Point and Control Point,
you can call the HQ and ask Wein(Eldroid W) for mission details/hints,
if you get a lost signal, just keep trying to make a call.

Goodluck ^^

The Four Disasters

Your huds are gorgeous! *drools*

Thank you. :)

I tried this, the characters go to the broken wall but I cannot go through. It's seems to be the only way to reach the bottle and the chest.

OK, I'll check it and let you know. :)

The Four Disasters

Some thoughts to your demo:
Please substitute human with men or people in your intro or add "race". It's better with your context.
I know English isn't your native or first foreign language, so I won't proof read your game.
The battles are really tough - try to balance them better or you have to sleep after each battle.
There were items in the second village you couldn't reach. I think the passability of the broken wall is missing.
The equip menu shows the wrong changes most of the time, i.e. negativ changes for better equipment.
The battle results don't show exp-gain. I didn't level up so perhaps this shows up?

Some future features are scribed when exploring the map - nice ones.
You are on the right track - keep going.

hi thanks for playing the demo, ^^
I feel the battles kinda hard too, i'll fix it asap
along with the game intro, battle result(yes, it's a bug)
and equip menu. you spotted the major bugs here. thanks alot.

for unreachable items, try to use mouse control,
you will see a "transfer icon" to get the right passage
on the wall. :)

doing my best. stay tuned. :)

OP - Triple Duels Compilation Review

thanks for the review. :)

LIVENEL: Nocturnal Skyrift

The Demo version of the game will be released on August. So stay tuned. :)