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Avelions - The Ancestors
The beginning of all stories~



OP - Triple Duels Compilation

Hi, i just discovered this series! I plan to download and play 3 and 4. I noticed that there were a few mods for 3 that are unavailable for download. Will they be available any time soon?

hi, it's nice to get a new feedback here.
Well, sadly to say i don't support OPTD 3 mods anymore,
at least until I reach OPTD 4 "New World Arcs".
Got a lot of work to do. hope to hear more from you. :)

The Three Visions

3x3 Legendary Daegon Demo v1.02 is out! Full version of the game will be released on August. So stay tuned. :)


This is really cool :D

Thank you. :)

So basically you can't attack enemies using earth elemental?

Later you can use Elementa Modifier to change the magic properties
from defensive type into the offensive ones. For example, Water -> Ice. :)


Holy cow, this is pretty. Is this original artwork?

Only remark is that the thumbnail doesn't really match whats being pointed at so much, but everything here looks great.

Not really, i use graphics from rpg maker series, draw some parts and mix them up. :)

OP - Triple Duels Compilation

Where I can find Refine Card?

You can get Physical Lv.1 and Mind Lv.1 from treasure chests
and strong enemies like Red Commander of Black Pirates.

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

sorry i don't understand
- disguise as the guard = which equipement ? laneria to be equiped ?
- no town area, only one is jensio termina, can't ge ticket

At Jenesio Termina, find an item called Diaclou Bangle near the yellow flowers. And then go inside the Warp Train Station, talk to a "purple hair" guy near the ticket counter, he's missing his diaclou bangle (An id card for sky citizen), select "Apakah ini milikmu?" (it means "is this belong to you?"), and you'll get a ticket. (Another way to get a ticket, you must have a Ruby in inventory before going to the sky, people in the sky using ruby to trade). Talk to the robots in front of the pillars, and you can go to the District. Now find your way to enter the city (Jump, look for a ladder, rope, see everything surround you). Once you reached the city, your party members will disguise themself automatically (no need equipment and such). Goodluck! ^^

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

i allready done that, within chamber of Maghpardos there's a lot of Teleport/Portal
the only one which go to chapt Iv is eleport/Portal on the upper-left corner of the area. which go to Diaclou Sky kingdom .. impossible to do something

yes, you have to go to Diaclou Sky Kingdom, there, you have to collect infomation
and disguise as the guard, meet up with all your party members (they're around
the Jenesio District, 1 in the shop, 1 in the upper-right corner of the town
and the last one on lower-left of the town, near the Hearts Club (An Inn with
girls in pink dresses inside). After that, go to upper-left of the town to infiltrate the Military Area,
Answer 3 questions (You can write the wrong/right answer on the notes, then try again if the soldier kicks you out.)
And then prepare for a boss battle, and this quest will be completed. :)

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

gold/orange feather on my quest log = all are done : green status
Otherside, Vaillant War, Dark Empire, Prison escape, Demon Hunt, Revelead, Second chance, Land of memories, shadow and demon, reunion, save the light, Fanfare

gold/orange feather on my quest log still pending
invisible enenmy

Go to "Hlnoir Peak", north from Greymoyr, play as Laneira,
then use the Teleport/Portal on the upper-right corner of the area.

You'll enter the secret chamber of Maghpardos. :)

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

I am playing chapter III, How way to reach Chapter IV ?

Tell me your main quest? marked with a gold/orange feather on your quest log.

Avelions 4 - Oracion Memoirs

*** thanks for your answer
1° How way to reach Chapter IV ?
2° Fort Zegar, i done that in Lomelo Port -> answer boat away
3° Death Zone -> OK
4° Valdestra(east),Demon Bastion(south), Phenomos(west) i done that
-> rock or NPC block entry

1.Which Chapter you're playing now? And what's your "Main Quest" Let me guide you.
2.You can go to Fort Zegar right when "Winter Storm" quest in Chapter IV is active.
3.Remember, you have to Soul Shift to Key Sletzer, since his origin is Imperial, the guards will recognize you and let you in.
4.You can destroy the rock(brown) using Steel Hammer, and silver rock using Steel Pickaxe. But if the path is blocked by NPC, then it means you have to do your main quest first until these areas are accessible. :)