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Dwarf Fortress history generation algorithms?

Well, as a member of the rougelike community(Mostly a tester of 7drl), and as a person who is engineering a proccedially generation of conversations with the archiac event system(It's a task of both insanity and love), I can answer very simply and point you towards some good resources for you to read/listen to that might help.

Well, basically you already have a good idea of what is happening in Dwarf Fortress, everything with a few base exceptions(like plate tetonics for example) is procedially generated. I see that term being tossed arround a bit, but what it really comes down to is that there are a set of logical rules in place as a base. A basic procedial generation of a map might state that there is entrance and a exit, nothing can obstruct moving from one to the other, on top of that there is a river on the map, and in any open space it must expand, unless it obstructs the path to the main entrance and exit, and when this conflict arises, it builds a bridge.
This is the same as dwarf fortress; It's merely a logic puzzle that follows set rules. This is the both the strong, and weak point of any generation, and you might notice that dwarf fortress's histroy suffers it as well; Certainly it is diverse, but it is all very bland and kind of samey after a while.

Here are a couple of places you can read some more on the subject, and hopefully will help you with your IF procedial generation:

Good luck on your quest!

Anime OSTs for GAME BGMs and such?

Hmm... It's a real difficult one to say.
I would say go for it, just make sure it meshes well. I've used music from stiens;gate, digital devil montangi and .hack sign in my work before, so I am not opposed to it.
And yeah, RyaReisender is correct on that point; A good example of this is Technovision, the one time used insert song in the Stiens;Gate visual novel. It literally is only played for one scene, and because of it, most people never heard of it at all. Myself on the other hand, only remember it because of how strange it was for a vocal song out of nowhere.

So, end point: Do it, but have some common sense in use.

A Lesiurely start to a project of simplicity...

@LockeZ: Hmm... That is a good point. One of my major aims with this project is to change my work practices.

Rather, I should approach it from a top down perspective. I am so used to trying to work in a modular form that mayhaps I should adopt a more complete form stance to making myself work.

Ahahaha, It's so difficult sometimes though!

Also, and this is just a personal surprise thing, why did my blog show up in game design? Is this a new thing that happens now?

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@JospehSeraph: WOAH. Chotto Mate. Wait a second. Is that the map of saga 1 I spy right there? Ahaha, I grew up on that game.

@LockeZ: I think he is trying to emulate the sprite style of the first Saga game, or Final fantasy legend in the states. XD And yes, all of the monsters looked that strange. I remember the people all having black hair though...

Submission Rules: Update - Addendum added because ffs people!

Hmm... But the game I am designing right now literally uses only two separate maps, at this currant date. I mean, it's a simulation; You never see sim city 2000 using more then 1 map at any given time, so I don't think that they really need 3 different maps, rather three different shots of proof of gameplay vice versa.(You get what I'm saying!)

However, yes, I am all for this rule. I am ashamed to say I did not quite follow when you first said "Sample Maps", as I only moved to RMVX and RMVX ace recently; Rm2k really did not have any such thing.

That is just the epitome of laziness. -_-

Ahaha, there are other ways of being lazy as well. It's a shameless grab at MS however.

Dubbed and Subbed

I've never seen an anime that was better off for being dubbed.

Hmm... I want to argue against this statement for some reason... Let me see...
Baccano: Mostly because it takes place in america in the first place, and well... Slayers? XD Although, that is a personal preference.

Help me with my Japanese? Please?

My laptop is a discount NEC I picked up from the supermarket, so if I type with it's normal keyboard, english comes out like that.
Now, this is just my personal method, but I read children books to help me memorize hiragana; You are more likely to remember letters if you have to use them i.e. read them.
Now I have a physical copy of this story called ”つるのおんがえし” or "Gratitude of the Crane", and it is written exclusively in hiragana. Luckily for you, there is a free online copy.
So, as the homework I'll give you karins is to read this story. By reading the Hiragana you are studying, it will give you a easier time to memorize it.

Look up every word in a dictionary once you can see it's romaji; Don't use google translate, it will not help you in the end if you do.

Help me with my Japanese? Please?

Also, to help you out a bit, there is a secondary number system that you will rarely encounter; But if you go arround Tokyo(Especially in Akabane!) you are going to see numbers using the old japanese system for some reason I don't quite know:
1  一つ ”Hitotsu”
2  二つ ”Futatsu”
3  三つ ”Mittsu”
4  四つ ”Yottsu”
5  五つ ”Itsutsu”
6  六つ ”Muttsu”
7  七つ ”Nanatsu”
8  八つ ”Yattsu”
9  九つ ”Kokonotsu”
10 十  ”To”
11 十余り一つ ”To Amari Hitotsu”

But this will rarely ever come up in everyday life, unless you read books or watch movies from the showa era.
But keep up the hard work~

[rmvxace] Movement glitch: Strange

Well, Locke your script, in conjunction with me changing every floor transparent tile has worked. It seems strange that it was working like this on the complete transparent tile, but creating anouther transparent tile different from the default located one has fixed it.

It does not address why that one tile is now completely acting different from any other tile, but hey, the fix works, so I can't complain too much.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

The yellow is a bit stark.

Well, the end result of me working on my ascii project has pretty much come down to me making a coffee shop/relaxing with a cigar sim more based off of a random procedural generation of your guests, stories behind each one, and day to day basic human drama. Also coffee. So, this is the design of the cafe so far, complete with potted plants, a sign out front and yes, the "Ð" is a chest for your beans, and a piano.

What are your opinions at the design thus far?