A stranded man at the edge of Earth.
Trine and Tine
A Dungeon Crawler made too soon for the 4 hour contest.



[rmvxace] Movement glitch: Strange

First and foremost, I will say this; Rpg maker VX ace was not doing this a week ago. Now suddenly, on all of my projects, the game ignores all passability for the base level, and only notices things on the second level and above. I have the left corner set to star and my character cannot move at all. Setting it to O of course let's him walk everywhere, including walls that are clearly marked with a X.

Can any one help me with this apparent glitch, or do I need to just do a fresh re-install?

What are you thinking about right now?

do you all remember the days where we had sex with animals and were hunter gatherers? The 10000 B.C. days were the best of days.

Ah, I remember those days. Those were the days...

RMN Confessions

I have gone through 2 separate personal crisis on here. The first when I had a mental breakdown, and the second after my house burned down. All documented into RMN infamy.

Thank god those days are over.

What are you thinking about right now?

Your avatar is a cranky old man, so when you complain about things that make you sound like a cranky old man, it doesn't come across as super sarcastic.

Bah, and next you're going to tell me that the Red Green show is not on air anymore.
No, I see what you're saying; Besides, sarcasm never my strong suit.

A terrible idea sparked a terrible tee-shirt. Good lords, the lengths of how far I will go to try to make my blog work.

Another thrilling day of waiting on my plane ticket. Hee-hum.

Fundamental RPGology

I need to get back to work~ I've scripted the first enemy, but I have anouther five to go... Grah!

What are you thinking about right now?

EDIT: I am not attacking you personally. I just hate this idea that people have where everything new can't stand up to everything old. It's dumb.

None taken. That was my form of sarcasm, which like always, does not work well without actually seeing me in person.

I slept in again, and now I've finished my last drama...Damn. I need to find something to do.

Gedday fellas, I'm here to stay for now!


My god, it's Minrou Shiraishi! Nah, I am just kidding.

Aha, welcome to Rmn. I remember you from about 5 years back or so, you came out with some custom textures for Neverwinter at that time, right? XD Well, glad to have you on board.

I still boot up the old toolset every now and then for Nostalgia's sake.

It seems you have the same relationship with it as I do with rpg maker 95. XD

What are you thinking about right now?

*sigh* Things never are as good as they used to be. This is a universal truth.

I agree with the Trailer Park Boys mention, the new season is just lacking the soul of the past seasons(Although, there are many episodes of TPB that are more social commentary then funny sometimes...)

The Notice button is driving me mad! I keep expecting my review to go up, and NOPE, just anouther post to the contest. *sigh*

Fundamental RPGology

What amount of randomness is okay for enemies' decisions? Could enemies ever randomly decide between two different actions? What about an enemy randomly choosing a target?

I have been asking the same question back and fourth, and in the end it seems that is not really what they are looking for in this contest; For example, a enemy could change programming depending on it's stats, the players stats or other preset varibles that might be triggered by the player.

As far as the gauges go, I decided my gauge to be a reminder of what beat you are on, health and how many bullets are left in the chamber, so I have no clear idea on what is allowed or not, but without that minimal information being given to the player, the game becomes extremely difficult.

The guidelines seem a bit too "make the battle system I'm imagining". A bit too restrictive for a creative event.

I agree, the challenge is very spartan. But there is a bit of flex you can innovate within the limitations.


I finished typing up my review for your game. Very cute and very fun, I only wish it was a full meal instead of a small taster.