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Chastitas: The Broken La...
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Important Map Announcement

Hey, hey take it easy. I'm all for the edits, I'm not the best at mapping myself. So, go ahead and go wild!

A Battleback and Voice Acting

Have you found anyone to do your voice acting for Yohei?
I would be interested in trying for the part.
I will admit, I don't have any actual VA experience, but I do have an acting background throughout H.S. and College via various Drama/Acting classes.

If you approve, I'd like to print the Yohei script you provided and run through it
a few times over a recorder just to see.

(And to think I came on here looking for combat scripts...lulz)

Whoa, sorry about the delay. Bad things were happening. The whole point of this is that you guys take the scripts I typed out and run them over. You're the first to even inquire.

In other words, by all means go ahead. Send me the transcript once you played around with 'em :D

Current Order of Things

I see youre on top of things! So...the beach freeze?

That, along with the Battle Crashes, I'm still working on ironing out >.<

Current Order of Things

By the would be nice to be able to re-enter the manor in order to get all that SAKE in the basement.

In the TESTERS VERSION you give us all kinds of nifty stuff to start out with. In the regular one obviously we wont have this. The bandits, even when there are several, give really paltry EXP, they are pretty frequent. Its better to run at each encounter and try for a stronger enemy.Could you fix it so that occasionally a stronger enemy appears which might drop a decent item or maybe more money? I know there are slimes etc already, but just something to encourage saving frequently and add some spice to the stew.

Also I might have missed it somewhere, but what do we do with GUIDES, INSTRUCTIONS, BOOKS,etc? Keep them for later or sell them for decent money?

Bandits do give paltry EXP, eh? I wanted to keep the monsters in that area relatively weak, but I'll go ahead and drop in a bit more exp on the bandits, as well as come up with a stronger enemy. I keep mentioning an Obi, but I'm not sure what to make it exactly.

Alot of the stuff that monsters drop is loot. You sell that for some paltry sums of cash. Alot better than getting Denarii from everything right? (I mean come on, do you REALLY expect a bat or something to have cash on it?)

I wanted the player to have to actually interact with some of the items to figure out what some of them do, E.G. Eating Monkey Meat dropped by Oasis Monkeys in the little Forests near the Oases will net you a neat little 15% STM Restore. I'll let you in on a secret though, those books will drop you some stat points; increasing health, attack, etc.

Course, you COULD sell them for a decent set of cash, but I intend on lowering the price so you get a rather paltry sum of cash for them, now that I know shopkeepers will sell things based on a price you set. I.E. The system will register the price as, say, 2000, so the return when you sell it is, what, 1000 Denarii? However, the bookstores that are occasionally in towns will sell them for 15 to 20 Thousand Denarii a piece. This will probably help prevent entrepreneurs from cashing in on them too well.

Edit: You can go back into the manor after beating the boss? I could've swore I left the switch to allow entrance on...

Current Order of Things

Murky Glass is a Dagger, if that's what you're asking.

Now, are you on the beach in Telbooze, or the beach after you defeat the Lungfish and Shinoken runs off?

In any case, I'll continue work tomorrow. I had to go downtown for the day, so I wasn't able to do much. I've got work tomorrow too, but I'll be able to work on this late.

Anything else you can find out would be wonderful, man. Thanks!

Current Order of Things

Every battle now crashes the game with this:

battle-symphony line 3284

Tch. Man, this is getting problematic XD
I'll toy around with it, and run some tests on my end.

Current Order of Things

Ha! You and those switches!

I know right? I'm getting better at remembering the damned fiddly things, but shit happens XD

Current Order of Things

Still repeatable is the scene where he wakes up Muzai. If you take a shower it does this.
When Muzai and Kenshi go to the Elder, he isnt there. But the Manor is open.
If you visit the Passages before youre supposed to, you enter the cave but the game freezes. It doesnt crash but you just cant move and go back outside.
In the manor after fighting the first battle, the next battle with a the monster, the game crashed with "battle-symphony line 3284". It seems this happens at any given time now that Ive played it a bit longer.

The Angel of Death is replayable...but even if you beat him, because its replayable, you cant get the chest behind him.

So the scene only repeats when you use the shower? If it's just that, it might just be a teleport error.

That looks to be more switch errors and some bugs with the doors. I'll see if I can't find a workaround.

I forgot to set the event to autorun if Shinoken isn't in the party XD

Line 3284 crash tends to happen whenever the character is stunned/asleep/paralyzed and wants to counter, but can't counter. It has to do with the counter override with battle-symphony. I'll see if I can't find a workaround for this.
Edit: I can probably workaround this by changing coutnerattack rate to -100% when stunned. Hopefully, this should work.

Must've forgot to set a self-control switch on him. I'll fix that ASAP.

Hotfix #3 and Roadmap

I coulda SWORE I got the shower bug! I'll take care of that shortly.
You mentioned using an old save and ran the old buggy scenes with Kodai right? Use the Tester Barrel I mentioned in the PM to cycle the characters and switches. That should fix the double Muzai glitch, as well as the lack of Kenshi. That had to do with the 4th page of the event not running do to forgetting a self-switch prior.

I'll get the barrel set up shortly and fix the shower bug and I'll upload Ver. 3.1

Edit: I DID fix the Shower glitch, I just forgot to put it on EVERY part XD

Hotfix #2 and Contemplation

Ok...great and thanks!
Did you mention where Kenshi went....I cant go into the Passages without all three and succeed in beating the boss.
What is past the Passages or is it the demo end?

Now this I've fixed the bugs, but I haven't uploaded the executable, (I noticed quite a few more bugs on my playthrough.) I'll have to upload it tomorrow.

I've just fixed where Kenshi dissapears, I failed to set up some self-switches that would activate the last page that would send you to an event outside, thus putting Kenshi BACK into the party.

After the Cursed Passages, naturally you'll head to Nairikuno. A bunch of shit will go down, Shinoken almost gets killed, you stop a Coup d'Etat, and you'll be admitted into the Aquifer Tunnels. From there, you answer three riddles, (Multiple Choice!) to get into the Aquifer Temple and get Tensai. More shit goes down. Flashbacks. Some dramatic shit goes down. We have some Dramatic Irony mixed in, then you have to re-traverse the Cursed Passages, get smashed by Gleam Eyes, Lose Shinoken, get your ass smashed AGAIN by the driving Antagonist, Kukyona rescues your ass, Telbooze gets conquered, you get to go through Dynastic Roads.

At the end of the Dynastic Roads, I'll conclude the last demo. Nairikuno, The Dynastic Roads, and all the Scenework are the biggest hurdles here, so it'll take at least a month to get it all finished. Luckily, I'm gonna have a lot of time off soon, so I'll be able to get a majority of it done.\

And that's pretty much everything that happens post Cursed Passages! As of the current demo though, there's not gonna be much post CP, minus the wholly uncompleted Nairikuno.

Oh, and congratulations, Lead Tester! ;D
You'll be the first one to play most of the last demo, as well as everything that comes post Dynastic Roads.

Keep up the bug hunting man!
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