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Make a Map!

BIG EDIT: Wow, I replied to the first couple of posts on the first page before realizing there was a second page. My LARGE bad. I'll send the maps to you ASAP unity. In any case, I genuinely prefer LockeZ's idea of combining the two maps, the original idea DID want a maze so...

Considering it was a mausoleum, I intended on giving it either a somewhat wild appearance, or a building-like one. I personally felt that number three suited it best. On the other hand, LockeZ has a good point; considering unity intends on putting the dungeon in a volcano, it might be a good idea to take the first two "versions" and make them one dungeon. They'll definitely need some editing, I'm not exactly the best at this.

And yes, the third map is pretty much a re-textured second map. The second one was a spur of the moment when unity said she intended on having the dungeon in a volcano. I liked the layout, so I redid it.

Make a Map!

Alright, so I got three possible maps here, although I scrapped the dusty old mine idea for a more Volcano-like thing and two dreary Mausoleum things.
Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Tell me which one you prefer. ( I got really bored/confused so I just made three different maps.)

Make a Map!

I think I'll give the Sleeping Mausoleum a run; I did pitch in a rather complicated map idea a while back, so I'll repay it by doing one that I can actually manage.
I have a somewhat basic mock-up in my head, which I'll leave in a spoiler.

Now, what I want to ask, does Craze normally make maps in a Zelda-esque room by room style, or a bulk style dungeon?
EDIT:Looks like Craze tends to stick with a large bulk map, if the images on his games are anything to go by. That's what I'll work with.

I'll probably leave the placement of the diamond to you as well.

EDIT2: Uh, hey. I know this thing's supposed to be underground and all, but I don't suppose you'd tell me if you'd prefer it,(The Entrance specifically) to be a desert-y type of place or a grassland-y type of place would you? Screw it, I might be lazy and leave that to you too...I don't want to do that if I can help it though.



In case it doesn't turn out well, it's supposed to be a diamond.
rooms are just regular old rooms.
() rooms are "treasure" rooms, which require a puzzle to reveal a chest.
{} The sarcophagus room.
<> The key room.
** Rooms that have a puzzle to open key room

I intend on making it with 2 (block? pixel?)high walls, and basically making it seem like a dusty old mine or something.
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